February 25, 2015


So tell me are you looking for big fishes? observe your surrounding first, is your surrounding capable of giving you the big fishes that you want?

It is very logical to think that big fishes only swim on clean ponds. Ok let me explain you directly my point here, you can't succeed if your environment is unclean. Let me take a bad company as an example, if you are working in a small and bad company where your boss is an asshole and your office mates are bringing you down and yet you are still dreaming of a blossoming career then you must wake up before the nightmare kills you. Success will surely not happen in a place where success cannot be felt and cannot be seen. Be rational, take the risk and look for a better place where you know you can build your dreams, look for a place where there are better people, better boss, higher salaries and a place where you know you can grow. You don't need to wait for years until you are old and grey and decide that you need another place to live. Big fishes resides in a competitive place, bigger place and place where possibilities are endless. You know it in yourself if you are in a place where you can't grow, you can see it by the people around you, look at them and tell to yourself if they are the right people that will help you and make you succeed. Look at your surrounding if it has the all tools that will make you grow, does it have promising future? does it pay big salaries? is it competitive or is it providing you 90 percent of your needs?

Become observant and realistic that there are no big fishes in a polluted pond, REALLY!.

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