February 22, 2015


The easiest way to succeed is no secret, JUST ENJOY THE STRUGGLE. Did you ever see someone whose so big that did not struggle? Name one and I will have his name tattooed on my ass.

Look at those UFC fighters who have belt on their waists. Watch their training, it feels like an ordinary person will die if he tries doing that but why does UFC fighters can endure long hours of training everyday? it is because they learn how to love the struggle, they learn how to have fun with the process. Is it fun to get punched? Is it fun to get kicked or submitted? No but they love the sport so they learn how to love the training. Any person won't continue doing something that is very dangerous if he doesn't love it.

If you are struggling in your work and there is a pile of paper works needed to get finished just enjoy your struggle, work will be faster if you can find the joy in doing it. If you get angry, if you get frustrated your brain will not operate in its normal routine so it will be very difficult for you to get the job done.

To make the struggle easier always find a reason why you are struggling may it be because you want to get rich, you want to buy your mom a house, you want to make your wife happier and any other thoughts that will keep you moving.

Life is hard but you can make it easier by choosing the right thoughts, attitudes and decisions. If you decide to become happy no matter what then you will be happy. Life will be easier, you can be happy even if you are struggling. You can have the right attitude even though it seems that what you are doing is wrong, you can have the right attitude even if the results weren't showing yet. It is up to you, you can choose your emotions, YOU CAN CHOOSE TO ENJOY THE STRUGGLE.

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