March 05, 2015


The cure to laziness is being slow but committed.

For example you want to wash the dishes but you are overwhelmed of its huge numbers and sizes, the technique here is do it slowly but committed, never pause, never look for excuses to stop. Just do it slow, one thing that makes us lazy is we look at the task as big and very hard to finish. Just do what you can do for the mean time, start with the easiest part of the job, break it into pieces and when you get your momentum you will enjoy the job and finish it without stopping. Starting to move is the hardest part because we want to finish the job immediately and rest but we need to slow down, be calm and when you are doing things slowly you will finish it faster because you can think clearly, you are more organize and you will avoid nonsense mistakes like dropping spoons, forks, spilling the water etc. etc.

Practicing slow movement is not only applicable for washing the dishes, it can also be applied to any kind of task. Just do it slow if you are feeling lazy, feel your body, move your feet and arms gradually, never rush and never think about your pending tasks if there are. Being lazy is not an attitude it is a habit and there are reasons for being lazy, one big reason is we get anxious for a certain job because we think that it needs long hours to finish and that is why we look for an alternative to forget it for a meantime. Doing other things instead of the task that we must do will only give pain to our ass, it will make us forget for a while but when we come back to reality, it gets harder to move and finish the task that we ought to do. You must jump immediately to the task that you must do, again do it slowly if you feel lazy, never stop, do first the things that will give you momentum or the easiest part of the task and then you FINISH! as simple as that.

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