February 02, 2015


What is the process of being successful? It is a lot work, it is composed of failures combined together to reach your destination. It is composed of never ending training, never ending work, countless hours of grinding, numerous hours of sacrifice.

That is the process you cannot question it. If you have your own way of making a successful life and it works then you can question it but if you have none then just shut up and do what is supposed to be done.

Tony Robbins says "if you want massive success take massive actions" Jim Rohn talked about the Law of Averages, these people are successful they have their own ways, they have their own process, you cannot questioned it because it was proven.

What is the process of having an abs? It is about sweating, making crunches, having a diet, disciplining yourself. That is the process you cannot question it. You cannot just buy a $500 equipment that you will put into your stomach and do the work. You cannot just buy a $200 pill and swallow it till your  belly evaporates. Those are not process those are laziness.

What is the process of landing a job? It is about being qualified, it is about dressing well on an interview, it is about having the skills that they required or even worse you've got to have a diploma or some certificates that gives you an edge to other applicants. Don't ever complain and whine that you did not get the position because you are undergraduate, that your school is not popular. Don't think that you are smarter than the other person but because he has the diploma and other papers that makes him smell good that is why he lands the job.

Companies have their strict requirements of choosing their employees so if you are not qualified but you think you are then you should make your own company and implement your own requirements. You cannot question them because they have the power, you cannot question someone who is bigger than you.

Most of you are questioning the process, keep telling to yourselves "why do I have to do this, why do I have to do that" You feel like you've been treated unfairly all the time, you don't want to take their process, accept it and do it.

If you have your own way of being successful and you are confident that it will work then you can question the process but if you have none, just follow it. Stop asking too much questions just do it. Follow all the requirements to succeed. Do the necessary steps to become successful.

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