February 28, 2015


So what if you fail, you can try again another day.
So what if they criticize you, you know yourself better than they do.
So what if you look stupid, you will never look stupid again once you succeed.
So what if you feel pain, you are feeling it everyday.
So what if you are alone, people will swarm you once you nailed it.
So what if you are not cool, at least you are being true to yourself.
So what if they blame you, at least you try.
So what if you are down, you can stand up anytime you want.
So what if they say bad and hurtful things to you, words can never kill.

So what? just feel these words and be true to what it means, it will make you not care about what people say and it will kill all the worries that make you feel bad. Just recite it to your head whenever you feel anxious or whenever embarrassment happens, its real meaning will reveal itself to you that nothing in this world can hurt you unless you permit them.

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