February 28, 2015


Ok, so I know each one of us has his own bad experience in life, some are traumatic and some are embarrassing. It is really hard to move on especially if that past is haunting you everyday, it happens to me it happens to everyone. 

What I want you to do is rewrite your story, make your story new, be the author of your own life. Tear all the bad pages from the past and start with a blank page, fill each new page with great memories, fill it with love fill it with hardwork, accept challenge and take full accountability of your life. Make each page colorful, never leave it blank and dull.

Of course there is no book that is perfect, even the largest selling book has some boring parts but try to appreciate what will come to your life, again you are the author of your book so make sure your book is 98% fun and just 2% boring. Make your story a story that was never heard before, make it unique and make it a story that will never be forgotten. Write your dreams and achieve it, write your desires and pursue it, write your love and love it, make your story long and make it very exciting. Make each sequence of your story interesting, make the readers look for part 2 of your book, make a sequel, make as many pages as you can.

You don't need your story to be perfect just make sure you've given everything you've got to make it great, and also you choose the characters that you want, what I mean by characters are the people around you, people that you really want around and not people who you need to please. Find characters that will make your story better, characters that will make your life meaningful and most of all make a happy ending.

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