February 21, 2015


Photoshop is not the solution to your problem it is just a fake solution or a temporary solution.

What I mean by this? I know you are hiring someone to photoshop your report card because it has lot of failing grades and you are scared that your parents might cut your allowance or stop you from playing video games, going to parties etc. etc. Photoshop is not the solution, just study hard, discipline yourself, stop doing stupid stuffs so you will get passing grades if not the highest.

I know you let someone photoshop your belly, remove your fats so that your profile pic in facebook will look sexy. This sounds funny but I know a lot of people who do this. Is this the real solution? what if your high school classmates or the people you did not seen for a long time see you in personal? They will wonder why are you fat in personal and sexy in picture. Who is the one who gets embarrassed?  You are just lying to yourself the real solution is cut your belly at the gym or do a some exercises everyday so you will not lie to every one that you are sexy.

What if there is no solution to your insecurities? such as having a lot of pimples, you are short, you are cross eyed, your teeth are crooked. Photoshop is not the solution to those problems again my friend. Just BE YOURSELF, what I mean is accept your self without regrets, without blaming God, without blaming your genes or your ancestors for passing their ugliness to you. Just be yourself, love yourself, be proud to yourself, if they accept you or not it's their problem not yours. After all people will accept you more if you accept yourself and reveal your true colors.

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