February 26, 2015


If you want to learn something like swimming, basketball, programming, volleyball, chess, biking, designing, playing violin or any physical or mental activities just simply learn the basics. 

You don't need to learn everything you've seen on the internet or what your teacher tells you to do so. Just learn the basics be good at it master it and then practice everyday, the advance level will present itself naturally, you can learn the advance level on what you are studying when you master the basics. Coaches or teachers are teaching their students what needs to be done but sometimes their way of teaching is limiting their students their ability to learn by themselves and discover their true capabilities, some teachers are becoming strict on how to do this and do that, they are becoming close minded and not letting their students discover his own style.

Everyone has his own style of learning or executing movements. We cannot force everyone to follow your style of learning or doing things. If your movement is on the direction of your goal then don't be scared to do it again and again. Your actions maybe awkward or out of sync at the beginning but once you practice the basics over and over again then you will be surprised at how good you can be. I am not saying that never follow your teachers or coaches, just learn the basics from them then discover your own style on the road to the advance level.

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