February 20, 2015


People will treat you differently if you are good at something even though they don't like you at all.

For example you are good in basketball, a lot of coaches and players will admire you. People will talk about you, people will pay you to play for their teams. You will have a lot of perks and endorsements will come easily. A lot of brands will contact you, a lot of activities will invite you. There will be times when you will be ask to speak for a certain event, stuffs like that and many more.

If you are a good actor even if you are not so good looking you will be ask to play for a role in a big movie. You will become popular, a lot of autographs, a lot of picture takings and guesting will be requested from you. Your name will be even call by some people who you don't even know while you are walking in a park or in a mall.

If you are good in playing a particular instrument you can touch a lot of hearts, some people will fall in love with you because they appreciate the music that you are playing. You can hypnotize people, connect with their emotions and make them admire you because of the joy that you bring to them.

If you are a good dancer people will see you as a hot person even though your face is not that pretty. They will see your moves and forget about your looks, they will see you as a very sexy individual who is not afraid to show his moves and express his feelings. They will be amazed once you show your nasty dance steps and a lot of children will imitate your dance steps and will idolized you.

Look for something that you can be good at and your life will change, you personality will be forgotten, your talents will cover any ugly part of your life. People will treat you differently and you will gain a lot of respect. Making money will become easier, life will become more fun and you will feel like you are the king of the world in some cases. It is only if you are good, WHAT MORE IF YOU AREA GREAT?

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