March 17, 2015


Never get frustrated if they don't understand you, it is your life not theirs. If they cannot accept the way you live your life don't even bother thinking about them. Life is yours live it your way. Nothing in this world matters other than your goal and how you feel. If you are studying instead of partying and people call you nerd ignore it. They just don't know the word sacrifice so you must be the one who laugh at them. If you are pursuing this big goal that for others are very impossible to achieve that is why they laugh at you, they criticize you and put you down, just think of them as dead people that cannot dream anymore. If they cannot understand you just understand that they cannot understand. If you have your own world don't let them step into your world, ban them into your world, never let them ruin your own and peaceful world.

People nowadays are all gurus, masters, shoguns, presidents and even gods, they know what is better for you, they command you and poisoned your mind. Never listen to these people, never let anyone take control of your decisions and influenced your desires. They are just wannabes and hasn't prove anything in their lives that is why when they see someone dreaming big they want to stop that person. They are just jealous because they don't even know how to take control of their lives, if they cannot understand you that is their problem.

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