February 25, 2015


A lot of people were saying that everything that happens to our daily life are connected, well I can say that it is true, everything happens for a reason but the reason should be viewed positively, this is how to connect the dots correctly. 

For example if you studied for a bar exam and you give everything you've got but still you fail it only means that you should study harder next time and be more focus to your studies. Another example is if you are doing a tryout for a basketball team and didn't make it to the final list but you think you are better than the others who make it. You also feel sad and tell to yourself that life is unfair and that some players make it because they have connections from the team such as managers, agents etc. This is not how to connect the dots because the moment you connect the dots with negative thinking it will immediately stop there.

You cannot make connections with negative thinking and assumptions because negativity will block any possibilities for the near future. If you connect the dots with negative thinking such as life is unfair, I do not deserve this, I am not talented, this is not for me, nobody will help me then there will be no more connections to be connect. Connecting the dots with positive thinking will make the connections grow and make your dreams continue. If you fail then you should think positively, you should think that you need to work harder, you need to do something differently, you need to be more focus, you need to believe that it is only a challenge and that greater prize is waiting for you, you need to think that it is not yet your time and you need to become stronger. If you connect the dots negatively then you will shift direction, you will look for excuses to stop trying and you will blame everything, everyone for failing.

Your confidence will become lower, you will become afraid to try again and you will live your life with full of doubts. Connecting the dots is full of possibilities and full of options, you can connect it by thinking positively and be more creative and stronger or you can connect it with negativity and stop connecting.

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