February 27, 2015


Being early is a big advantage, you can do more, you can adjust if there is a mistake on what you are doing and you will become more confident. 

Being ahead will separate you from the pack, for example in school if you already knew the lessons that will be discussed then you will become confident if your teacher asks you a question, you are confident that your answer is right. Another example is in a job interview, if you are ahead of your scheduled interview then you will not come sweaty, you can have time to relax and you will have a good impression that you are tidy person.

In life, if you invest early in your your future and you lessen the partying, the buying of useless things and doing stupid stuffs then your batch mates will be amazed at how fast you become successful, you can even retire at the age of 40 if you make a consistent effort of pursuing success.

Getting a little bit ahead produces a peace of mind, you know that you are in control of your life and you will have a lot of options if something wrong goes along the way. Being early is not a sin, some think of it as not cool but what is cool about being late?

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