February 25, 2015


Well, everyone can become an addict at something especially if it makes him feel great and it brings a sense of satisfaction to his everyday living.

Some people are addicted to drugs because it helped them escape the reality and forget about their problems, the problem is it makes their life worse at the end. Some people are addicted to foods that aren't healthy simply because it is really fun to eat especially the foods that they love regardless of the calories that it contain, they keep on eating and eating until they become obese. Some people are addicted to steroids because it made them strong, it made them look strong and they don't want to take the long road to have a perfect body. Some people are addicted to video games mainly because of the fun it brings and the fantasy of living the life of the main character of that video game, it really feels great how to feel like a super hero at one point of your life but the result at the end is... a lot of time being wasted. Some people become addicted at plastic surgery mainly because they can take away that part of their body that is lessening their confidence but the downside of this addiction is...they always look for their flaws and they wanted to become perfect but the reality is you cannot be perfect unless you accept your imperfectness.

Addiction can be healthy or unhealthy, whatever it is that you are addicted, it is very hard to take that addiction out of your life because it is very uncomfortable living without it. I praise those people who are addicted at something that has healthy benefits, they made the right choice because what they do will put their lives in a better situation and it will also inspire others to do the same thing. Some of the healthy addiction that I've seen that brings benefits to anyone's life are:

1. Exercise - this addiction I believe is one of the best, it has all the best benefits that someone can get. You will be sexier, healthier, toxins will go out, stress will go out, testosterones will increase and it is the best addiction that will give you tons of confidence. You can also make good money out of it, once you are already an expert at any kind of exercise you can make ebooks or programs that will teach people how to do it and will give you some pretty good cash.

2. Making Money -  who doesn't want to have a lot of money? you can become more creative with more money, you can buy anything that makes you feel good and you can go to any places you want but be careful, don't let money controls you or you will get screwed up at the end.

3. Any kind of art (drawing, painting, song writing, poem etc.) - these kinds of addictions are really really special, these are types of addictions that someone do no matter what kind of situation in life he is in, he do it for self expression and not for money, he do it everyday because it brings some kind of joy that nobody can explain. Being able to express yourself truly is the greatest feeling because you are not allowing any boundaries just to feel that feeling. It is priceless and it gives you complete freedom in anything that you are doing.

So that's it, those are the types of addictions that I think are healthy and will give you benefits, it is up to you what type of addiction you want to become addict for as long as it is healthy and will give you rewards. Stop choosing an addiction that will ruin your life at the end. If you become addicted at sewing then do it even if they say that you are a boring person, for as long as you enjoy it and gives you a purpose in life become addicted with it.

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