February 27, 2015


I've read a lot of articles, heard a lot of audio books on how to make fear disappear but I don't think it is real, if you can make fear disappear forever then how can you feel courageous?

Courage will never show without fear. Every successful athlete, successful businessman or any successful person in any area has felt fear especially during crucial times, during times when their decision and move is really important. What did they do? they didn't fight it nor wish that it would disappear but rather they move inspite of their fears. The most important thing here is learn how to relax, never resist fear because the moment you resist it, it will grow bigger and bigger. You should move and let fear become part of your body, the moment you learn how to do this, fear will just become normal and courage will take over its place.

When courage take over fear then soon all you will feel is just excitement. It is just like learning how to ride a bike, you are scared at the beginning because you don't want to fall but when you get your momentum and you keep going suddenly all of your fears will evaporate and you will feel excited, excited to learn new things and keep moving. But fear doesn't just end there, it will appear again on another level. If you already knew how to ride a bike and you are not afraid to do it everyday fear will appear on the other things, one great example is when you are riding a bike and you want to go to different places, you will become afraid of vehicles that travels with you.

Again all you need to do is keep moving, stay calm, let fear be part of  your body and then courage will take place. The conclusion is we cannot avoid fear, it will show everyday but we can have fun with it by staying calm and keep on moving, have a mindset that everything is going to be alright and courage will take place later as you move along.

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