February 27, 2015


We are all good at making advises, we are all good at making people believe that we are right, we are all good at entering someone's problem and telling them what needs to be done, we are all good at criticizing people's lives and we are all good at telling people that we are living the better life. 

The question is is it really true? Are you always executing your sermon? If you are arguing with your friend about her boyfriend cheating her and you are making an advice that she should leave him, are you going to do the same? If you are posting motivations on your social media account on how to trim fat or how to do the proper diet, are you really doing it everyday? If you are preaching the world on how great your religion is and how kind and sacred your group was then why are you still in need of money? Why are you still arguing with other religion?

Are you really doing the things that you told people everyday? Are you really doing the things that you heard on the mass that don't gossip, be humble, be generous, love everyone, don't cheat. We are all good at making our self look better, we are all good at raising our own chair but the question is are we really committed on doing it everyday?

You keep telling your friends about your plan of doing a business but months has passed and no result were found, funny isn't it? You keep telling your children that you will bring them to Disneyland someday and you will work harder but your children are already in their puberty age and they are not interested in Disneyland anymore.

One day you feel confident and you post to social media about doing exercise, you tell them that it is your 3rd straight day of jogging 1000 miles, you feel pumped, a lot of them is liking your post then suddenly a week passed and you are back into your lazy lifestyle again. Who do you think will look stupid?

It is time to stop talking and start doing, my advice is just do what you need to do, stop telling everyone how great you are, you don't need to do that, they will notice it if it is true. "LET THE GREATNESS REVEAL ITSELF".

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