February 28, 2015


How many times you tell everyone that you can't do something because your schedule is very busy? Ok if you are really busy then how come you still watched your favorite TV show? How come you still managed to surf your favorite sites and make comments on different blogs? 

How come you still managed to post the food you ate, the clothes you wear, the place you went on social media? Are you really busy? I don't believe in the word "busy" rather I believe in the word "priorities" we can work 9 or even 12 hours a day but we still have enough time to do other things such as exercise and giving time to our loved ones. What if you do other important things that is related to your health, business or family instead of being busy using social media? What do you think would be the difference? what if you study other things instead of playing video games? We all have equal time but why are there people who achieved a lot and almost do everything they want in their lives?

Well it is really a matter of choice, we can choose books over TV, we can choose giving time to our loved ones instead of playing video games in our phone or making thousands of posts on social media. We can choose to sleep early or do more for the future. We can choose whatever events we want to attend or whatever activities we want to do because there is no such things as "SO BUSY" it is just a matter of time management and giving priorities.

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