March 04, 2015


Be the first one who scored 50 pts in basketball at your university, if there is a player who already did that from the past do 60 pts. Be the first one who come earliest in a class in one month, there is always a benefit in doing things consistently you will find it later if you did it. Be the first one who say I love you to your love one, there is no greater feeling than making someone feel special. Be the first one who say sorry, it doesn't matter who is right what matters is the problem will be solve, eat your pride if you want peace, life without enemy is such a blessing.

Be the first one who comes at practice, the more time you spend practicing the greater you will be. Be the first one who come to the party, stop aiming at the grand entrance, you don't need attention, you will be recognize as long as you are true to yourself. Be the first one on the job interview, an early bird has always plus points. Be the first one who volunteer, others will follow you they were just too scared to lead. Be the first one who finish his dinner, the thought is not to eat fast but eat less, your diet will improve you'll see.

Be the first one who create a genre of a song that was never heard before, it is really difficult to do that but your name will be carved in history of you are so original. Be the first one who do something that has not yet been tried on the Guinness World Records, if your idea is qualified then you hold the world  record for sure.

Being the first one who do something in any kinds of field gives a lot of benefits, it is hard really really hard but being the first is far better than being the second, first means bravery, first means originality and first means you are the greatest, stop being the second, third, fourth and so on, nobody recognizes the second place. People who are always late gets the ugliest options, they have no choice but to take what is left on the table. If you are early, if you are the first then you will see all what is happening around you, you can take control and you can make adjustments if needed.

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