February 25, 2015


The last shot is the most scary thing to do but the most rewarding when we make it. If you are not the star player in your team but you wanted to shine then go get the ball and take the last shot, even if the coach will get mad at you same as your teammates, go and take it.

Think about this, if it went in then they will be happy, if it went out then they will be mad. What is the difference? people only loves you when you are thriving and they will ignore you when you are failing. When you decided to go in between then the results will be the same, they will not get mad at you but you will not shine. Everyone has the right to shine even if your name is not that big, shining doesn't only belong to the ones with big names, it can also be experienced by small people and that is the word shining all about, it is done unexpectedly and with full of surprises.

Surprise people that you can do amazing things, surprise people that you have the nerve to take the last shot. Not only in sports but also in other fields. If there is a big responsibility in a certain project and you feel that no one is courageous enough to take action then be the one who will do it, be the one who will take the last shot and be the one who will take the blame if something wrong happens. Playing safe will just bring you security at the moment but will give you a lot of regrets as you grow older.

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