February 28, 2015


It is not how great your means are but it is how great you use those means. 

It is not necessary that you must have the nicest shoes in town to play great basketball, what if you run so slow because you are so conservative that your shoes might look old or it is because you did not condition yourself. It is not necessary that you must have fancy car to ask a woman for a date, what if you can't be a good date because your style is so boring. It is not necessary that you graduated from a well known university to apply for a nice position in a company, what if your grades are low and you really did not study, you just graduated because of copying.

It is not necessary that you must have this or have that to perform very well or get the goals that you want, just be mean of using your means. What I am trying to say is use your means very well, have a killer instinct that no matter how ugly your means are, no matter how poor it is you will still do your best and make all the necessary actions to get all the things that you want. If you are studying in a public school it is ok just study hard and get high grades, companies will still give attention to you if you have good credentials. If you are a guitar player and doesn't have a very good sounding guitar it is still ok just play and compose nice riffs, amaze people by expressing unique riffs that was never heard before.
If you are in a food business and doesn't have adequate resources like big place, number of stuffs to help you, shining billboards and advertisements outside your spot, just cook clean and delicious foods and soon people will come back for more and will tell everyone about your place. People often complain because they don't have the necessary means to thrive or succeed but I think they are just making excuses to not give their best and find a way to fail.

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