March 17, 2015


If you are asking how many reps or how much action do you need in order to succeed... The answer is as many as you can. There is no exact number, there are no limits and no quotas. If you can read 10 books a day then do it, if you can run 1000 miles then do it. If you need to fail a hundred times then do it. If you need to work 72 hours a week why not?

If you are in a marketing business and just because you contact 15 people a day doesn't mean you will succeed, if you can talk to 30 people a day and offer your product then much better if you can do 50 or more then much much better. If you can only do 15 or less but you did your best effort then you are still fine. Sometimes we put a limit to ourselves and never increase our effort anymore because we are satisfied to what we have at the moment. Ideally people has no limits of the numbers they can do for a certain task it is only a matter of accepting how many times can we do for something.

If someone can do 1000 push ups straight you too can do that or even break that number. If someone has bought 20 houses you too can have that, me too can have that, it is just a mater of pushing our belief to believe in a particular number, of course it is very hard to do it but if someone did it so as you.

Remember this, there are no quotas and no limits, don't ask me about how much effort you have to do in order to succeed or how much money can you earn, the answer much as you can!

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