February 11, 2015



Old humans are always saying think first before you do something. In some cases this is true especially when you are about to make a big decision. You have to think first because there might be a big consequence or punishment waiting for you if you didn't pick the right decision. There might be people who will get hurt if you didn't think and make a good and sound judgement. If the case is very sensitive and might cause domino effect then it's true that you have to think first before you act.

In some cases especially on our daily lives where a deep and long train of thoughts are not necessarily needed, you just need to act first then think later or maybe not even think at all.

If you need to take a bath and the water is too cold for you to endure but you don't have a heater and the worse case is you are too lazy to boil some water what will you do? Do you have to think about it? Of course not, just go to the bathroom, go naked and drop the bombs off. Just turn on the shower embrace the coldness and later you will think "Oh it is not bad" and the momentum goes on and you will smell good again.

If you will think before taking a bath, you will just make the situation complicated. You will think that it is too cold, that you might get sick, that you might get a frost bight and any other dramatic thoughts that makes you look like a pussy. The reality is the water cannot hurt you no matter how cold it is.

If you are in a gym and trying to get in shape I am pretty sure there are so many things that are running inside of your head: "am I doing it right?", "what if the weights are so heavy and I cannot lift them?", "is the other person beside me laughing at me?", "what is the use of this machine?", Dude there are no rules to become physically fit, if you've seen a dumbbell whether it is heavy or not just lift it, lift it like you are a professional weight lifter, lift it with feelings, lift it like you're an Olympian, lift it like you're lifting 1000 tons even though you are just lifting a 1kg metal.

If you've seen a treadmill just use it, no thinking about what speed to set, no thinking about what are the uses of the buttons on it, just use it, just run like a maniac and burn your fats. Just act and you can assess later if what you did is right or wrong.

See, acting right away and not thinking has some benefits. You will have a great momentum, you will immediately be in tune to what is needed to be done. If you think too much you will just complicate things, you will get stressed, you will get disappointed and overwhelmed.

Just act, forget about what will happen next, just be in the moment. Acting first then thinking later is easier than thinking first then figuring out what to do next.

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