February 26, 2015


I will move until I cannot move
I will fight even if there is no light
I will touch the sun, feel its flame
grind to find, bleed to succeed.

I will catch bullets if needed
Burn the water to get stronger
I will remake the 10th take
Reveal the unknown and steal the throne

So what if I fall, I will still give my all
No more killing of a second, I will die not being a second
Being first is what I thirst, doing the must is what I lust
Will try not being a cocky, will show 'em what is extraordinary

I will accept the price of getting the prize
I will whiten the coal to reach my goal
The more I move, the more I feel the groove
Don't tell me to stop 'coz I'm reaching the top

I will believe what others can't conceive
I will program my brain to ignore the pain
I will find and catch the dragon's batch
Slay Goliath once again and celebrate my reign