February 28, 2015


Maybe you are not the most talented person on your field, maybe all you can do is work hard, maybe a lot of folks out there are better than you but guess what? 

You can be the best on whatever it is that you are doing by being consistent, as simple as that. Just show up everyday and never miss any opportunity to improve, never miss a practice, never miss classes. The so called "talented people" are cocky enough and arrogant enough because they believe that they are talented that is why they take some days for granted. All of the most successful people in the world doesn't believe in talent, they just believe in hard work and desire. If you are consistent on what you are doing, you will thrive.

If you practice everyday even if is rest day, if you hone your craft everyday even if it is holiday then you will go to another level. Being consistent will make your life automatic, you can do things easily because your brain and muscle memory has mastered what to do without exerting a lot of effort. Consistency will turn you into a genius, have you done something for at least 21 days straight? Lets say a video game, a lot of gamers out there are playing video games everyday and they cannot pass a day without playing their favorite video game that is why when we watched them play we are amazed at how good they are, they were not good at first but when they become addicted that is the time they became great.

Consistency can be applied to any field, if you are poor in Math but if you study it everyday, you can be a Mathematician. If your body is weak but if you lift weights everyday then you can become a body builder. We can build strength we can become genius through practice of consistency, it is like putting money on a piggy bank, the more you put money the more you will become richer.

February 28, 2015


Show people how you wanted to be, show them the reason why you are living, show them how you wanted to be treated and make a stand that you live by your own rules. 

Make a decision based on your own thinking and never get influenced by the opinions of others. Avoid making movements that pleases others. We are living in a free world and any dreams, ideas or propositions that we wanted to expose should not be based on what people wanted to hear. Avoid being conservative, express yourself truly so you will feel great and fulfilled.

If we live a life influenced by others and not with our own judgement then we are really not living. Remember what freedom really means and if others can show what they really are, you too can do that. Just because you are not in a position to make a statement yet doesn't mean you can't be true to yourself forever. If you wanted to command or become a leader so be it. Don't be afraid that someone will get hurt or someone will not like what you are trying to convey. Just keep on moving and if they cannot stop you then its their problem.

February 28, 2015


If you want to stay on top of your game, always sharpen your tools. 

If you don't want to get insecure and remain confident that your partner will never leave you exercise everyday, trim your fats, study some funny jokes, present something new and always wear the nicest clothes that you have. If you don't want to get cut in your varsity team, make sure that you are the hardest worker even if you are not the most talented, working hard everyday and outworking everyone will guarantee you a secure slot on the team, that is 100 percent true. People who work the hardest will never be ignored.

If you want to get noticed in your class find something that your classmates are interested and be the best at it, if not the best make sure you have something that can amaze them. Even if you are the manager already never relax, don't get confident that you are irreplaceable and no one can take your place. I've seen a lot of people did this and they lost their job because of relaxing too much. A lot of people are getting better everyday and you should be aware that someone is willing to take your place.

If your business is peaking and you are earning a lot of money, always look for something that will make your business grow and look for something new that you can show to the people. People loves new ideas and new things, if your business is always the same then the tendency is you will earn the same or you might fall one day. Being stagnant will lead you to a boring life same as the people around you, we should have a mindset that we need to learn and improve everyday because we cannot stop change and we cannot stop progress.

February 28, 2015


If you are practicing hard and grinding all day just to have playing time then show what you did on practice. 

Some players are practicing hard but the moment their coach call them on the bench and give them an opportunity to help the team, they are not doing what they did on practice. Maybe its because of pressure, maybe its because they don't want to make mistakes that will make it harder for the team. So what is the use of the hours that they burn during practice?, what is the use of the sweats that their skin secrete while doing some reps? If you will not do what you did on practice then don't practice anymore.

Some guys are very good at practice but very bad during the actual game. The only difference between practice and the actual game is the environment and the opponents. The crowd will add a lot of pressure and so your opponents does but the one who will perform is still you and no other, so never change what you did on practice, the way you feel, the way you move your body and the way you feel confident. If you are practicing to show greatness then show it. Even if not on games, if you are practicing something to become better and wants show the world that you can do something then show it, never be shy and never waste the time that you put on practice, even if you are not a star player or someone popular. Once you practice and work hard, you have the right to show it in real life.

February 28, 2015


So what if you fail, you can try again another day.
So what if they criticize you, you know yourself better than they do.
So what if you look stupid, you will never look stupid again once you succeed.
So what if you feel pain, you are feeling it everyday.
So what if you are alone, people will swarm you once you nailed it.
So what if you are not cool, at least you are being true to yourself.
So what if they blame you, at least you try.
So what if you are down, you can stand up anytime you want.
So what if they say bad and hurtful things to you, words can never kill.

So what? just feel these words and be true to what it means, it will make you not care about what people say and it will kill all the worries that make you feel bad. Just recite it to your head whenever you feel anxious or whenever embarrassment happens, its real meaning will reveal itself to you that nothing in this world can hurt you unless you permit them.

February 28, 2015


Ok, so I know each one of us has his own bad experience in life, some are traumatic and some are embarrassing. It is really hard to move on especially if that past is haunting you everyday, it happens to me it happens to everyone. 

What I want you to do is rewrite your story, make your story new, be the author of your own life. Tear all the bad pages from the past and start with a blank page, fill each new page with great memories, fill it with love fill it with hardwork, accept challenge and take full accountability of your life. Make each page colorful, never leave it blank and dull.

Of course there is no book that is perfect, even the largest selling book has some boring parts but try to appreciate what will come to your life, again you are the author of your book so make sure your book is 98% fun and just 2% boring. Make your story a story that was never heard before, make it unique and make it a story that will never be forgotten. Write your dreams and achieve it, write your desires and pursue it, write your love and love it, make your story long and make it very exciting. Make each sequence of your story interesting, make the readers look for part 2 of your book, make a sequel, make as many pages as you can.

You don't need your story to be perfect just make sure you've given everything you've got to make it great, and also you choose the characters that you want, what I mean by characters are the people around you, people that you really want around and not people who you need to please. Find characters that will make your story better, characters that will make your life meaningful and most of all make a happy ending.

February 28, 2015


How many times you tell everyone that you can't do something because your schedule is very busy? Ok if you are really busy then how come you still watched your favorite TV show? How come you still managed to surf your favorite sites and make comments on different blogs? 

How come you still managed to post the food you ate, the clothes you wear, the place you went on social media? Are you really busy? I don't believe in the word "busy" rather I believe in the word "priorities" we can work 9 or even 12 hours a day but we still have enough time to do other things such as exercise and giving time to our loved ones. What if you do other important things that is related to your health, business or family instead of being busy using social media? What do you think would be the difference? what if you study other things instead of playing video games? We all have equal time but why are there people who achieved a lot and almost do everything they want in their lives?

Well it is really a matter of choice, we can choose books over TV, we can choose giving time to our loved ones instead of playing video games in our phone or making thousands of posts on social media. We can choose to sleep early or do more for the future. We can choose whatever events we want to attend or whatever activities we want to do because there is no such things as "SO BUSY" it is just a matter of time management and giving priorities.

February 28, 2015


It is not how great your means are but it is how great you use those means. 

It is not necessary that you must have the nicest shoes in town to play great basketball, what if you run so slow because you are so conservative that your shoes might look old or it is because you did not condition yourself. It is not necessary that you must have fancy car to ask a woman for a date, what if you can't be a good date because your style is so boring. It is not necessary that you graduated from a well known university to apply for a nice position in a company, what if your grades are low and you really did not study, you just graduated because of copying.

It is not necessary that you must have this or have that to perform very well or get the goals that you want, just be mean of using your means. What I am trying to say is use your means very well, have a killer instinct that no matter how ugly your means are, no matter how poor it is you will still do your best and make all the necessary actions to get all the things that you want. If you are studying in a public school it is ok just study hard and get high grades, companies will still give attention to you if you have good credentials. If you are a guitar player and doesn't have a very good sounding guitar it is still ok just play and compose nice riffs, amaze people by expressing unique riffs that was never heard before.
If you are in a food business and doesn't have adequate resources like big place, number of stuffs to help you, shining billboards and advertisements outside your spot, just cook clean and delicious foods and soon people will come back for more and will tell everyone about your place. People often complain because they don't have the necessary means to thrive or succeed but I think they are just making excuses to not give their best and find a way to fail.

February 27, 2015


Have a mindset that you can achieve anything or accomplished something great by opening yourself to all possibilities. 

Open yourself to becoming rich, open yourself to becoming smart, open yourself to becoming successful, open yourself to living the life that you are dreaming. At the same time also open yourself to hardwork, sacrifice, hardships and obstacles because if you don't want to experience any of these chances are you will fail. Open yourself to everything, try all the ideas that pops out from your mind, try some new techniques, try some other methods, try something new. By opening your mind, you will have more options, more connections and your percentage of succeeding will increase. The more you open yourself, the more you become stronger, smarter, confident and excited about winning in life.

Don't be afraid that you are trying too much and cannot handle rapid growth, it is better to experience the hardship of trying than savoring the easiness of becoming neutral. If you will not open yourself to possibilities and just stick to your current situation then personal growth will not be achieved, you will feel safe but the truth is not growing is the most dangerous thing.

February 27, 2015


Being early is a big advantage, you can do more, you can adjust if there is a mistake on what you are doing and you will become more confident. 

Being ahead will separate you from the pack, for example in school if you already knew the lessons that will be discussed then you will become confident if your teacher asks you a question, you are confident that your answer is right. Another example is in a job interview, if you are ahead of your scheduled interview then you will not come sweaty, you can have time to relax and you will have a good impression that you are tidy person.

In life, if you invest early in your your future and you lessen the partying, the buying of useless things and doing stupid stuffs then your batch mates will be amazed at how fast you become successful, you can even retire at the age of 40 if you make a consistent effort of pursuing success.

Getting a little bit ahead produces a peace of mind, you know that you are in control of your life and you will have a lot of options if something wrong goes along the way. Being early is not a sin, some think of it as not cool but what is cool about being late?

February 27, 2015


I've read a lot of articles, heard a lot of audio books on how to make fear disappear but I don't think it is real, if you can make fear disappear forever then how can you feel courageous?

Courage will never show without fear. Every successful athlete, successful businessman or any successful person in any area has felt fear especially during crucial times, during times when their decision and move is really important. What did they do? they didn't fight it nor wish that it would disappear but rather they move inspite of their fears. The most important thing here is learn how to relax, never resist fear because the moment you resist it, it will grow bigger and bigger. You should move and let fear become part of your body, the moment you learn how to do this, fear will just become normal and courage will take over its place.

When courage take over fear then soon all you will feel is just excitement. It is just like learning how to ride a bike, you are scared at the beginning because you don't want to fall but when you get your momentum and you keep going suddenly all of your fears will evaporate and you will feel excited, excited to learn new things and keep moving. But fear doesn't just end there, it will appear again on another level. If you already knew how to ride a bike and you are not afraid to do it everyday fear will appear on the other things, one great example is when you are riding a bike and you want to go to different places, you will become afraid of vehicles that travels with you.

Again all you need to do is keep moving, stay calm, let fear be part of  your body and then courage will take place. The conclusion is we cannot avoid fear, it will show everyday but we can have fun with it by staying calm and keep on moving, have a mindset that everything is going to be alright and courage will take place later as you move along.

February 27, 2015


We are all good at making advises, we are all good at making people believe that we are right, we are all good at entering someone's problem and telling them what needs to be done, we are all good at criticizing people's lives and we are all good at telling people that we are living the better life. 

The question is is it really true? Are you always executing your sermon? If you are arguing with your friend about her boyfriend cheating her and you are making an advice that she should leave him, are you going to do the same? If you are posting motivations on your social media account on how to trim fat or how to do the proper diet, are you really doing it everyday? If you are preaching the world on how great your religion is and how kind and sacred your group was then why are you still in need of money? Why are you still arguing with other religion?

Are you really doing the things that you told people everyday? Are you really doing the things that you heard on the mass that don't gossip, be humble, be generous, love everyone, don't cheat. We are all good at making our self look better, we are all good at raising our own chair but the question is are we really committed on doing it everyday?

You keep telling your friends about your plan of doing a business but months has passed and no result were found, funny isn't it? You keep telling your children that you will bring them to Disneyland someday and you will work harder but your children are already in their puberty age and they are not interested in Disneyland anymore.

One day you feel confident and you post to social media about doing exercise, you tell them that it is your 3rd straight day of jogging 1000 miles, you feel pumped, a lot of them is liking your post then suddenly a week passed and you are back into your lazy lifestyle again. Who do you think will look stupid?

It is time to stop talking and start doing, my advice is just do what you need to do, stop telling everyone how great you are, you don't need to do that, they will notice it if it is true. "LET THE GREATNESS REVEAL ITSELF".

February 26, 2015


I will move until I cannot move
I will fight even if there is no light
I will touch the sun, feel its flame
grind to find, bleed to succeed.

I will catch bullets if needed
Burn the water to get stronger
I will remake the 10th take
Reveal the unknown and steal the throne

So what if I fall, I will still give my all
No more killing of a second, I will die not being a second
Being first is what I thirst, doing the must is what I lust
Will try not being a cocky, will show 'em what is extraordinary

I will accept the price of getting the prize
I will whiten the coal to reach my goal
The more I move, the more I feel the groove
Don't tell me to stop 'coz I'm reaching the top

I will believe what others can't conceive
I will program my brain to ignore the pain
I will find and catch the dragon's batch
Slay Goliath once again and celebrate my reign

February 26, 2015


Don't be scared that someone will copy your work or moves, because eventually someone will. We are living in the world of copycats and we have to face it. Even if you tell the world that you are the first one who brought that idea, the other side will never admit it. Also don't save your best idea for last because you might regret that you did not show it to people earlier. Ideas never ran out and that is the best part of it, we can think of any idea may it be bad or good.

Don't feel bad if someone copies your ideas because you can make another original and it can even beat your former idea. Ideas never ran out, its like chances, just look around and you will find something that you can form and show to people.

Just think, observe and something will pop out from your mind.

February 26, 2015


What I am telling here is you can break some rules in the community or your country if you are a big person or you have the tools to break it. For example you can delay the practice of the team if you are the owner of it. You can break the traffic rules if you are a government official and has an important meeting to attend. You can tell your office mates that it is already break time even if it is 5 minutes earlier if you are their team leader. You can be late at concert if you are the performer and you are so popular. You can disobey the S.O.P if you can manipulate your officer. I am not saying here that you can break any kinds of rules, I am just telling you that you should become BIG and have name if you want to break the rules because if you are small I bet you can't get away of it.

February 26, 2015


There is always a technique on how to get the job done perfectly and it is your responsibility to find it. 

Wondering why someone can solve the rubik's cube so fast and effortless? why someone can swim like a fish and never get drowned? why someone can speech in front of hundreds of people and never mess up? Well there is no secret behind their capabilities you will simply practice everyday and you can also do what others can do. Practice everyday and you can decode the techniques and moves needed to do amazing things.

You can discover it on your own by doing hundreds of hours of repetition on the skill that you are mastering. Of course there is no such thing as shortcuts for success, you will fail over and over again, get frustrated and will experience the feeling of giving up but when you look at how far you've become you will easily get motivated and get back on track. Track your progress, appreciate your improvement everyday, give a lot of attention to details and you will know how to become great at something.

February 26, 2015


If you want to learn something like swimming, basketball, programming, volleyball, chess, biking, designing, playing violin or any physical or mental activities just simply learn the basics. 

You don't need to learn everything you've seen on the internet or what your teacher tells you to do so. Just learn the basics be good at it master it and then practice everyday, the advance level will present itself naturally, you can learn the advance level on what you are studying when you master the basics. Coaches or teachers are teaching their students what needs to be done but sometimes their way of teaching is limiting their students their ability to learn by themselves and discover their true capabilities, some teachers are becoming strict on how to do this and do that, they are becoming close minded and not letting their students discover his own style.

Everyone has his own style of learning or executing movements. We cannot force everyone to follow your style of learning or doing things. If your movement is on the direction of your goal then don't be scared to do it again and again. Your actions maybe awkward or out of sync at the beginning but once you practice the basics over and over again then you will be surprised at how good you can be. I am not saying that never follow your teachers or coaches, just learn the basics from them then discover your own style on the road to the advance level.

February 25, 2015


The last shot is the most scary thing to do but the most rewarding when we make it. If you are not the star player in your team but you wanted to shine then go get the ball and take the last shot, even if the coach will get mad at you same as your teammates, go and take it.

Think about this, if it went in then they will be happy, if it went out then they will be mad. What is the difference? people only loves you when you are thriving and they will ignore you when you are failing. When you decided to go in between then the results will be the same, they will not get mad at you but you will not shine. Everyone has the right to shine even if your name is not that big, shining doesn't only belong to the ones with big names, it can also be experienced by small people and that is the word shining all about, it is done unexpectedly and with full of surprises.

Surprise people that you can do amazing things, surprise people that you have the nerve to take the last shot. Not only in sports but also in other fields. If there is a big responsibility in a certain project and you feel that no one is courageous enough to take action then be the one who will do it, be the one who will take the last shot and be the one who will take the blame if something wrong happens. Playing safe will just bring you security at the moment but will give you a lot of regrets as you grow older.

February 25, 2015


Do you feel that your progress is too slow? do you feel that you can be more faster and be more progressive than your current situation? 

Then something or someone is slowing you down. Maybe you have a habit that is making your goal harder to reach. Think of what it is, is it television that eats more of your time?, is it food that makes you sick? is it your friends that serves as a bad influence and directs you to wrong way? is it your relatives that acts as a leech and suck all the wealth that you have? Study yourself carefully and get rid of what slows you down right now!! It is hard at the beginning because it is already a part of your life or already a habit but when you accept the fact that you no longer need it and you can live everyday without it then you will live a better and more progressive life.

Associate yourself with habits and people that make you faster, richer and motivates you more and not people who want to bring you down with them. If those people really care for you then they will  not be a burden to your success. If you have a habit that is hard for you to let go like smoking, excessive playing of video games, watching tv for more than 5 hours then you have to decide whether you will stay with that habit and be content with your life or get rid of it and become successful. Life is a matter of choice and decision making, if you can't decide now and get rid of what slows you down then you will become slow forever.

February 25, 2015


A lot of people were saying that everything that happens to our daily life are connected, well I can say that it is true, everything happens for a reason but the reason should be viewed positively, this is how to connect the dots correctly. 

For example if you studied for a bar exam and you give everything you've got but still you fail it only means that you should study harder next time and be more focus to your studies. Another example is if you are doing a tryout for a basketball team and didn't make it to the final list but you think you are better than the others who make it. You also feel sad and tell to yourself that life is unfair and that some players make it because they have connections from the team such as managers, agents etc. This is not how to connect the dots because the moment you connect the dots with negative thinking it will immediately stop there.

You cannot make connections with negative thinking and assumptions because negativity will block any possibilities for the near future. If you connect the dots with negative thinking such as life is unfair, I do not deserve this, I am not talented, this is not for me, nobody will help me then there will be no more connections to be connect. Connecting the dots with positive thinking will make the connections grow and make your dreams continue. If you fail then you should think positively, you should think that you need to work harder, you need to do something differently, you need to be more focus, you need to believe that it is only a challenge and that greater prize is waiting for you, you need to think that it is not yet your time and you need to become stronger. If you connect the dots negatively then you will shift direction, you will look for excuses to stop trying and you will blame everything, everyone for failing.

Your confidence will become lower, you will become afraid to try again and you will live your life with full of doubts. Connecting the dots is full of possibilities and full of options, you can connect it by thinking positively and be more creative and stronger or you can connect it with negativity and stop connecting.

February 25, 2015


You think too much how to get it done, then you didn't even notice that its been weeks, months or years and yet you are still thinking how to do it. 

You think too much of what will people say and how will they react that is why you become conservative and based all your actions on what they expect. You think too much of what color of shirt to wear, what is the title of your first book, what is the outcome if you do this, do that and all of a sudden no accomplishment has been achieved. You think too much of being perfect that is why you always find something wrong. Thinking too much is not really thinking, it is just worrying. We don't need to think too much we just need to move, do it and accept what might happen. Thinking to much will freeze you, give you doubts and stop you from progressing. You think too much of your plan then suddenly you forgot to execute. If you will just convert the hours of thinking to hours of actions then you will get more results. I am not saying that it is bad to think but sometimes it is better to just move and stop thinking too much.

February 25, 2015


Why are you afraid to do something great? I know what is it that is holding you back, you are afraid to make mistakes right?. You are afraid to go to the next level because you don't wanna lose the things that you already have. You are afraid to fall because you worked so hard to be in the position where you are right now. Let me ask you one question, when you were born do you wear something? or do you have something in your hands?

We all have same answers and that is nothing, yeah we have nothing when we were born so why are you afraid to lose something when you literally have nothing from the start. Having a mindset of nothing to lose will give you freedom from fear and let you do what you want in life. Be happy if you gain a little and don't be sad if you earn small, just remember that you're starting point is zero. Be appreciative of the things that you get not matter how big or small it is. If you lose something don't regret it because you didn't really lose anything, always remember that you don't have anything on the day that you were born so all that happening in your life is gaining not losing.

You gain experience, you gain money, you gain wealth, you gain health, you gain age, you gain love, you gain things etc. That is how fun life is we can never lose anything because we are zero from the start.

February 25, 2015


So tell me are you looking for big fishes? observe your surrounding first, is your surrounding capable of giving you the big fishes that you want?

It is very logical to think that big fishes only swim on clean ponds. Ok let me explain you directly my point here, you can't succeed if your environment is unclean. Let me take a bad company as an example, if you are working in a small and bad company where your boss is an asshole and your office mates are bringing you down and yet you are still dreaming of a blossoming career then you must wake up before the nightmare kills you. Success will surely not happen in a place where success cannot be felt and cannot be seen. Be rational, take the risk and look for a better place where you know you can build your dreams, look for a place where there are better people, better boss, higher salaries and a place where you know you can grow. You don't need to wait for years until you are old and grey and decide that you need another place to live. Big fishes resides in a competitive place, bigger place and place where possibilities are endless. You know it in yourself if you are in a place where you can't grow, you can see it by the people around you, look at them and tell to yourself if they are the right people that will help you and make you succeed. Look at your surrounding if it has the all tools that will make you grow, does it have promising future? does it pay big salaries? is it competitive or is it providing you 90 percent of your needs?

Become observant and realistic that there are no big fishes in a polluted pond, REALLY!.

February 25, 2015


Well, everyone can become an addict at something especially if it makes him feel great and it brings a sense of satisfaction to his everyday living.

Some people are addicted to drugs because it helped them escape the reality and forget about their problems, the problem is it makes their life worse at the end. Some people are addicted to foods that aren't healthy simply because it is really fun to eat especially the foods that they love regardless of the calories that it contain, they keep on eating and eating until they become obese. Some people are addicted to steroids because it made them strong, it made them look strong and they don't want to take the long road to have a perfect body. Some people are addicted to video games mainly because of the fun it brings and the fantasy of living the life of the main character of that video game, it really feels great how to feel like a super hero at one point of your life but the result at the end is... a lot of time being wasted. Some people become addicted at plastic surgery mainly because they can take away that part of their body that is lessening their confidence but the downside of this addiction is...they always look for their flaws and they wanted to become perfect but the reality is you cannot be perfect unless you accept your imperfectness.

Addiction can be healthy or unhealthy, whatever it is that you are addicted, it is very hard to take that addiction out of your life because it is very uncomfortable living without it. I praise those people who are addicted at something that has healthy benefits, they made the right choice because what they do will put their lives in a better situation and it will also inspire others to do the same thing. Some of the healthy addiction that I've seen that brings benefits to anyone's life are:

1. Exercise - this addiction I believe is one of the best, it has all the best benefits that someone can get. You will be sexier, healthier, toxins will go out, stress will go out, testosterones will increase and it is the best addiction that will give you tons of confidence. You can also make good money out of it, once you are already an expert at any kind of exercise you can make ebooks or programs that will teach people how to do it and will give you some pretty good cash.

2. Making Money -  who doesn't want to have a lot of money? you can become more creative with more money, you can buy anything that makes you feel good and you can go to any places you want but be careful, don't let money controls you or you will get screwed up at the end.

3. Any kind of art (drawing, painting, song writing, poem etc.) - these kinds of addictions are really really special, these are types of addictions that someone do no matter what kind of situation in life he is in, he do it for self expression and not for money, he do it everyday because it brings some kind of joy that nobody can explain. Being able to express yourself truly is the greatest feeling because you are not allowing any boundaries just to feel that feeling. It is priceless and it gives you complete freedom in anything that you are doing.

So that's it, those are the types of addictions that I think are healthy and will give you benefits, it is up to you what type of addiction you want to become addict for as long as it is healthy and will give you rewards. Stop choosing an addiction that will ruin your life at the end. If you become addicted at sewing then do it even if they say that you are a boring person, for as long as you enjoy it and gives you a purpose in life become addicted with it.

February 25, 2015


We are so lucky to live in this generation, Everything is free!

If you want to know how to cook a particular dish and you don't know the recipes and procedures how to do it just look at you tube, type the keywords and TADAAAA! everything is there, there are even different styles on how to do it. 

If you want to build your muscles, be fit and be like Arnold Schwarzenegger just google it and you will find a lot of information spread on the internet, just be careful on spammy websites and asking you to purchase their products. Some of them are real and some of them are not.

If you are lost on the highway use your GPS and you will find your way back home, if you don't have a GPS just download an app on you iPhone and HOME SWEET HOME again.

If you want to fix your car, if you want to learn how to play an instrument, if you want to know some techniques in singing, dancing, how to become a great athlete it is all there,  there are unlimited information on the internet, we are so luck we are so blessed.

The saddest part in our generation is we take those information for granted, we still look life as hard and unfair but the reality is we can be what we wanted to be because everything is free. If you will just grab all the information you want and need and stop complaining then your life will become better. Just take everything that is free, IT IS FREE TO GET SOMETHING THAT IS FREE.

February 24, 2015


What you are doing now will become the deciding factor for your future. 

If you are addicted to gambling now then maybe you will become a gambling lord someday or a man who is in a huge debt. You will become inline with life that involves gambling. You cannot be a priest or pilot by playing with cards.

If you spend most of your hours watching television then you will have a hard time finding a job in the future, no company is seeking an individual whose talent is very skilled in pressing the remote control.

If you are studying now, working hard to improve your situation then you will have a bright future. Your actions has equivalent results, if you are doing positive then you will become attracted to positive situations as simple as that, you reap what you sow as the old saying goes.

Be involve with good habits, always invest in positive actions, your destination is very much connected with your present action. 

February 23, 2015


You could have been bigger than what you are right now if you just did the right thing from the past.

If you just lift more weights from the past, if you just did it consistently then you are stronger now, you are more competitive now and you can out muscle your opponents.

If you just eat the right food from the past and exercise regularly for at least 30-45 mins, was that too hard? Maybe  you are one of the hottest person alive and your body will be healthier than you ever thought.

If you just practice the skill that you want to develop for at least 1 hour a day then maybe you are one of the best in your chosen field, you might be a guru or some kind of a beast. (that time will not take longer than the hours you spent watching nonsense TV shows)

If you just take time to understand your partner, please him/her a little bit, understand the situation then maybe your relationship will not be in jeopardy, you will avoid divorce and your family will be in a good position.

If you just stop smoking the moment you feel bad about your lungs then maybe you will live a little longer, you don't need to go to hospital to attend scary checkups. You don't need to listen to doctor's advice and believe all of his life threatening lessons.

It is not healthy to live life with regrets but sometimes we need to remember those things so we can avoid to do it again and make our lives better.

February 22, 2015


The easiest way to succeed is no secret, JUST ENJOY THE STRUGGLE. Did you ever see someone whose so big that did not struggle? Name one and I will have his name tattooed on my ass.

Look at those UFC fighters who have belt on their waists. Watch their training, it feels like an ordinary person will die if he tries doing that but why does UFC fighters can endure long hours of training everyday? it is because they learn how to love the struggle, they learn how to have fun with the process. Is it fun to get punched? Is it fun to get kicked or submitted? No but they love the sport so they learn how to love the training. Any person won't continue doing something that is very dangerous if he doesn't love it.

If you are struggling in your work and there is a pile of paper works needed to get finished just enjoy your struggle, work will be faster if you can find the joy in doing it. If you get angry, if you get frustrated your brain will not operate in its normal routine so it will be very difficult for you to get the job done.

To make the struggle easier always find a reason why you are struggling may it be because you want to get rich, you want to buy your mom a house, you want to make your wife happier and any other thoughts that will keep you moving.

Life is hard but you can make it easier by choosing the right thoughts, attitudes and decisions. If you decide to become happy no matter what then you will be happy. Life will be easier, you can be happy even if you are struggling. You can have the right attitude even though it seems that what you are doing is wrong, you can have the right attitude even if the results weren't showing yet. It is up to you, you can choose your emotions, YOU CAN CHOOSE TO ENJOY THE STRUGGLE.

February 21, 2015


I've been working for 10 years for different companies and clients and I've already met a lot of people with different personalities, colors and perspectives. While I am working with them I am also studying their behaviors, physiology and strengths. I found out that some people are not really working hard, they are just scared because their boss might punish them, terminate them or even worse might kill them.

If you are forced to work hard because you are scared then you are really not working hard. You are just punishing yourself and you submit to some kind of a human being who is superior than you.

Working hard is natural, it even feels like you are not working. Working hard is harder if you are forced to do it and you do not love what you are doing. If your boss is asking you to make a report for a one thousand page document in just one week and it is against your will, stop doing it. Stop caring if he gets mad at you or not. It is not your obligation to please his ass and make him happy by killing yourself.

Be confident to say you are tired and it is already time for you to go home. Never work hard because you are scared to get fired if you will not do it. Work hard because you really wanted to do it and you enjoy doing it. Work hard because you are having fun and you know you will benefit something in the future.

Bosses that are bullies uses fear to make people work, they scare them to get what they want. Never get fooled by this foolish technique, after all your boss is also scared to replace you if you are good.

February 21, 2015


Photoshop is not the solution to your problem it is just a fake solution or a temporary solution.

What I mean by this? I know you are hiring someone to photoshop your report card because it has lot of failing grades and you are scared that your parents might cut your allowance or stop you from playing video games, going to parties etc. etc. Photoshop is not the solution, just study hard, discipline yourself, stop doing stupid stuffs so you will get passing grades if not the highest.

I know you let someone photoshop your belly, remove your fats so that your profile pic in facebook will look sexy. This sounds funny but I know a lot of people who do this. Is this the real solution? what if your high school classmates or the people you did not seen for a long time see you in personal? They will wonder why are you fat in personal and sexy in picture. Who is the one who gets embarrassed?  You are just lying to yourself the real solution is cut your belly at the gym or do a some exercises everyday so you will not lie to every one that you are sexy.

What if there is no solution to your insecurities? such as having a lot of pimples, you are short, you are cross eyed, your teeth are crooked. Photoshop is not the solution to those problems again my friend. Just BE YOURSELF, what I mean is accept your self without regrets, without blaming God, without blaming your genes or your ancestors for passing their ugliness to you. Just be yourself, love yourself, be proud to yourself, if they accept you or not it's their problem not yours. After all people will accept you more if you accept yourself and reveal your true colors.

February 20, 2015


People will treat you differently if you are good at something even though they don't like you at all.

For example you are good in basketball, a lot of coaches and players will admire you. People will talk about you, people will pay you to play for their teams. You will have a lot of perks and endorsements will come easily. A lot of brands will contact you, a lot of activities will invite you. There will be times when you will be ask to speak for a certain event, stuffs like that and many more.

If you are a good actor even if you are not so good looking you will be ask to play for a role in a big movie. You will become popular, a lot of autographs, a lot of picture takings and guesting will be requested from you. Your name will be even call by some people who you don't even know while you are walking in a park or in a mall.

If you are good in playing a particular instrument you can touch a lot of hearts, some people will fall in love with you because they appreciate the music that you are playing. You can hypnotize people, connect with their emotions and make them admire you because of the joy that you bring to them.

If you are a good dancer people will see you as a hot person even though your face is not that pretty. They will see your moves and forget about your looks, they will see you as a very sexy individual who is not afraid to show his moves and express his feelings. They will be amazed once you show your nasty dance steps and a lot of children will imitate your dance steps and will idolized you.

Look for something that you can be good at and your life will change, you personality will be forgotten, your talents will cover any ugly part of your life. People will treat you differently and you will gain a lot of respect. Making money will become easier, life will become more fun and you will feel like you are the king of the world in some cases. It is only if you are good, WHAT MORE IF YOU AREA GREAT?

February 11, 2015


rugged breed

We shouldn't be afraid of the unknown coz the equation goes like this:


Afraid of what? afraid if you can make it or not? Afraid of unfamiliar territory? Afraid of not knowing? Afraid of uncertainty?

If you test the unknown then you are already a winner because the answers will be given to you if you test it. It doesn't matter if you win or not the point is you test your limits, you surpass your fear.

Your experience of testing the unknowns will be carried to your next journey. A 50/50 chance is still a chance so take it. Even if you have only 20%  percent chance of winning and that 20% percent is not sure just take it. That unknown 20% might be the percentage you needed. That might be your chance so take it instead of letting it pass.

Never underestimate an "UNKNOWN" opportunity or circumstances coz you never know those are the moments that can reveal the answers that you were looking for.

Image courtesy of anankkml at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

February 11, 2015



Old humans are always saying think first before you do something. In some cases this is true especially when you are about to make a big decision. You have to think first because there might be a big consequence or punishment waiting for you if you didn't pick the right decision. There might be people who will get hurt if you didn't think and make a good and sound judgement. If the case is very sensitive and might cause domino effect then it's true that you have to think first before you act.

In some cases especially on our daily lives where a deep and long train of thoughts are not necessarily needed, you just need to act first then think later or maybe not even think at all.

If you need to take a bath and the water is too cold for you to endure but you don't have a heater and the worse case is you are too lazy to boil some water what will you do? Do you have to think about it? Of course not, just go to the bathroom, go naked and drop the bombs off. Just turn on the shower embrace the coldness and later you will think "Oh it is not bad" and the momentum goes on and you will smell good again.

If you will think before taking a bath, you will just make the situation complicated. You will think that it is too cold, that you might get sick, that you might get a frost bight and any other dramatic thoughts that makes you look like a pussy. The reality is the water cannot hurt you no matter how cold it is.

If you are in a gym and trying to get in shape I am pretty sure there are so many things that are running inside of your head: "am I doing it right?", "what if the weights are so heavy and I cannot lift them?", "is the other person beside me laughing at me?", "what is the use of this machine?", Dude there are no rules to become physically fit, if you've seen a dumbbell whether it is heavy or not just lift it, lift it like you are a professional weight lifter, lift it with feelings, lift it like you're an Olympian, lift it like you're lifting 1000 tons even though you are just lifting a 1kg metal.

If you've seen a treadmill just use it, no thinking about what speed to set, no thinking about what are the uses of the buttons on it, just use it, just run like a maniac and burn your fats. Just act and you can assess later if what you did is right or wrong.

See, acting right away and not thinking has some benefits. You will have a great momentum, you will immediately be in tune to what is needed to be done. If you think too much you will just complicate things, you will get stressed, you will get disappointed and overwhelmed.

Just act, forget about what will happen next, just be in the moment. Acting first then thinking later is easier than thinking first then figuring out what to do next.

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February 02, 2015


What is the process of being successful? It is a lot work, it is composed of failures combined together to reach your destination. It is composed of never ending training, never ending work, countless hours of grinding, numerous hours of sacrifice.

That is the process you cannot question it. If you have your own way of making a successful life and it works then you can question it but if you have none then just shut up and do what is supposed to be done.

Tony Robbins says "if you want massive success take massive actions" Jim Rohn talked about the Law of Averages, these people are successful they have their own ways, they have their own process, you cannot questioned it because it was proven.

What is the process of having an abs? It is about sweating, making crunches, having a diet, disciplining yourself. That is the process you cannot question it. You cannot just buy a $500 equipment that you will put into your stomach and do the work. You cannot just buy a $200 pill and swallow it till your  belly evaporates. Those are not process those are laziness.

What is the process of landing a job? It is about being qualified, it is about dressing well on an interview, it is about having the skills that they required or even worse you've got to have a diploma or some certificates that gives you an edge to other applicants. Don't ever complain and whine that you did not get the position because you are undergraduate, that your school is not popular. Don't think that you are smarter than the other person but because he has the diploma and other papers that makes him smell good that is why he lands the job.

Companies have their strict requirements of choosing their employees so if you are not qualified but you think you are then you should make your own company and implement your own requirements. You cannot question them because they have the power, you cannot question someone who is bigger than you.

Most of you are questioning the process, keep telling to yourselves "why do I have to do this, why do I have to do that" You feel like you've been treated unfairly all the time, you don't want to take their process, accept it and do it.

If you have your own way of being successful and you are confident that it will work then you can question the process but if you have none, just follow it. Stop asking too much questions just do it. Follow all the requirements to succeed. Do the necessary steps to become successful.