January 01, 2015


You are in pain because people mock you because your belly is too fat, the cure for that is also pain - exercise and situps.

You are in pain mentally because you can't do something you wish to do for a long time, the cure for that again is pain - endure the pain of starting, it is difficult to start and really painful but pain will go away once you started and gain a great momentum.

A bully beats you and you suffer a lot of pain, the cure for that is pain too. Give the pain back to him or endure the pain of becoming strong so the bully won't hurt you again.

Your suffering poverty and it is really painful to see your family suffering, cure it with pain - work hard, endure the pain of embracing hardships to make your life better.

Pain is just a feeling and you can cure pain with pain. Pain can strengthen you or make you weak, what is your choice?

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