January 03, 2015


If you are about to do something and you are worrying because you have no resources or don't know how to start don't worry. The magic of momentum will create opportunities.

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to drink and you have no money? Then you will call your bestfriend who has a few bucks in his pocket and both of you will start drinking a few bottles and then when your drinks is about to vanished you will invite some friends to save you from running out of drinks. If no one shows up both of you will find a way, either you borrow some money from different people you know or you use your credit card to grab a bottle of vodka from a grocery store. There is no such thing as stopping because both of you already established a momentum that you guys wanted to get drank.

Just like in starting a business, you don't know what will happen at first you get scary but you will still try, if things get rough you ask for a help then someone will help you, then things will get rough again but you will still try and try to save your business because you wanted to succeed. If storm has already passed by and things are getting better your business starts to grow and grow until it becomes big.

Believe in momentum, when you start something you are sure to succeed if you persevere, things will go bad but if you already set your mind that you will succeed no matter what happens you will surely succeed.Things will go rough but if you keep on moving and finding a way the momentum will never die. Opportunities will come, chances will come, help will come, just keep on moving and things will get better.

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