January 10, 2015


A lot of people nowadays are turning into professional advisers, good samaritan, role models, perfect human being, "has been there, done that" type of person. The question is..are they really doing what are they preaching? are they really committed to their words?

Or is it  because they just want to look good in front of other people that are listening to them or following them on social media?

Have you noticed that if you are about to do something or you are starting a goal there will always be people who knows better than you? They will act as if they know everything and will treat you like a novice. They will give stupid advises, nonsense ideas that will not help you. The worse thing is if you didn't listen to them they will think of you as an arrogant person. But if you will look closely to their lives, if you will check their background you will see that they didn't accomplished anything big yet, they don't even have goals to pursue on their own,

Practice what you preach, make advises if you are really a credible person or you can back your words. Stop boasting, stop showing off, stop being a person that you are not. If you really want to give an advise make sure you can do better to that person whom you are giving an advise. Make sure you have achievements, make sure you already did what he wants to do.

Never preach what you can't do because at the end of the day people will know if you really can do what you are boasting.

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