January 27, 2015


disabled icon

This technique is so great that it can make your life easier while you are trying to pursue your goals. Live your life like a disabled person, not literally absorbing what they are not capable of doing but using their disadvantage as an advantage.

Pretend that you are blind so you cannot see frightening obstacles on your way. You cannot see the hindrances, you cannot see hardships, you cannot see all the possibilities that you might fail. You are blinded by your dreams and all you wanna see is the light of success.

Pretend that you are deaf so you cannot hear all the critics that people say. You cannot hear the bashers that exposes all your mistakes, you cannot hear the haters that hates every progress you make. You cannot hear the harsh words that will make you feel weaker and will break your heart.

Pretend that you are mute so you cannot talk negativity to other people. Talking negativity to other people is a sign of weakness and it only shows that you too is just a spectator and cannot pursue his own dreams. Pretend that you are mute so you cannot talk back to people who say bad things to you, just be quiet and peaceful, it is better that way, being involve in a fight will just slow you down and will keep you away from the right track. It is better to be quiet, just talk when you have your goals already, TALK IS CHEAP.

I dedicate this article to all the disabled person who never treat themselves as disable, they still live as a normal person who fights for their rights, live their dreams, pursue their goals and sometimes they are even stronger to other people who has no disabilities because they do great things that a normal person cannot do. Hats off to Jessica Cox, Nick Vujicic and Oscar Pistorius.

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