January 22, 2015


Just one stick of cigarette can lead to chain smoking. Just one dishonest activity can lead to a broken family. Just one absent can lead to a failure. Just one more hour of late can lead to a termination of job. Just one day of taking your business for granted may lead to a bankruptcy. Just one foul word you release from your mouth may hurt the one you love. Just one stupid ugly comment may lead to a fight. Just one illegal activity may lead to jail.

Just one bad decision can change your life, that is how dangerous negativity is. So when you make a decision, think about the effect that it will give into your life. Don't just do something for the sake of favoring yourself to become lazy, don't do something that will cause some trouble.

Just one more repetition can take you to another level. Just one more hour of work will make you nearer to your goal. Just one more session of jogging will make you healthier than yesterday. Just one more sacrifice will make your life better. Just one more effort will make you closer to winning it all. Just one more, do one more.

Sometimes we feel that there is no more reason to continue because we are so exhausted and we cannot see any hope but don't hope have faith. Our success comes from our last effort so if you cannot succeed yet it only means that you still need more effort, you still need to continue because success wants to see more from you. Success is still requiring you to do something, don't stop because you never know the latest thing that you are doing maybe the last thing that you have to do.

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