January 19, 2015


If you listen to haters telling you that you can't reach your dream, that you aren't good enough even if they are wrong they will become right. If their words got into your head, if you think about it everyday it will weaken your will. It will destroy your determination, the result is you will not work anymore, you will not train anymore because your focus is already on your haters.

Life is not a matter of proving them wrong and proving them that you are right, it is all about doing what is right for your dream. It is all about being in the right frame of mind.

And It doesn't matter if they are right what matters is what you are doing is right, so tell me is listening to them right? Is listening to them the right thing to do if you need motivation? Is listening to them brings you one step closer to your dreams?

Haters will become right if you listen to them because you are entertaining their ideas, you are giving them the power to take away your power. If you listen to them it is like accepting that there is a possibility that they are right.

Stop listening to others especially if they are against your will. Listen only to yourself and to the people who supports you. Put a filter into your ears that will only allow nice words to enter. If you hear ugly words thrown at you pretend that you are deaf and you didn't hear it, have a mindset that no matter how bad they mock you and put you down you will still keep moving towards your dreams.

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