January 23, 2015


Most of us were always trying to look cool infront of others, most of us were always trying to fit in and forget the uniqueness in our personality, we forget the individuality that we must express.

If there is a popular group in high school or in college you also wanted to become close with them. You wanted to join them or be like them even if that group is not treating you right or even if there are no benefits for being close to that group. Sometimes you get abused or sometimes you are taken for granted.

If there is a new gadget you forced your parents to buy it even if you can't afford just to look cool just to tell everyone that you have the latest gadget. The question is are you really rich? or are you just a bitch?

If someone criticized you on what you are doing you will immediately stop it or you will listen to them, you will change your course of action and then get confused what to do next. You even become cautious on your actions, you move with other people's approval and you can't even make a decision for yourself. You will become a puppet that need strings to move. You will become attached, you will become limited, do you want it?

This is what happens if you don't show your true colors, you will do actions which are not based on your values. You will become what you are really not. You will take actions that are against with your true feelings. You will become weak because your power goes to people whom you want to pleased. You don't even know what clothes to wear anymore because you were so  afraid to get criticized. Show your true colors now before it's too late, if they accept you it's cool, if they can't love you what's the BIG DEAL?

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