January 18, 2015


This is one of the biggest problems that our society is facing now, they can't find the enjoyment in life. Regular people just go to their respective jobs everyday, they work for 9 hours a day, go home, sleep and do it again the next day, a lot of them complain at how bad their work is how stressful it is and yet they do not do something about it.

Some people on the other side completely do nothing, they just spend their time doing stupid stuffs such as watching TV, wasting theirselves abusing drugs, dragging people down and making noise by complaining at the social media. They thought what they are doing is useful and happy but in the end they will still feel miserable.

So how can you enjoy life? My advice is find an activity that is positive and what you think will make your status in life better, I don't know what it is but it is your decision.

If working in an office for 9 hours a day will make you enjoy life then why not? nobody can judge your happiness. If playing an instrument the whole day will make you enjoy life then do it, do something as long as it is positive and not affecting anyone's life.

If you really can't find anything to do, DREAM of something and pursue it relentlessly, I am very sure will enjoy the journey, results will not show at the moment but in the long run it will. I don't care whatever dream it is, may it be becoming an actor, a politician, a teacher, a millionaire etc. Dreaming of something will keep you moving and that is the best way to enjoy life...PROGRESSING AND IMPROVING EVERYDAY.

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