January 02, 2015


Are you lacking in motivation? Do you find it hard to start when there is a large task ahead of you? I know what is the solution for that: FIND A FIRESTARTER!

What I mean by firestarter is find what triggers you to move, may it be a thought, a dream, inspiration or an enemy, find what it is that will make you immediately raise your butt and work.

When you feel bored in your life and feeling worthless, look for a goal and pursue it relentlessly. In that way you will feel challenged, in that way you will feel that your life has a meaning and it has a purpose. It doesn't matter if your goal is big or small, what matters is your pursue it without excuses. In that way you will move everyday and you will get excited to take immediate actions.

If you feel sleepy at work and coffee is not stimulating your body anymore, find a thought that will wake you up. When I was still working at a company, I always feel sleepy and it really affects my work, I am becoming unproductive and useless to our team. Things have changed the day I received a MEMO, it tells that I might get suspended without pay if I continue doing my lazy habits. I began to feel alert after receiving it because I am worried about losing my job so everytime I feel sleepy I always think of the MEMO and my senses came back to life so fast.

If you feel uninspired, look for images on the web, look for subjects that you love and will make your feel good, look for images that has a spark on you, something that looks very attractive on you, use those images as inspiration for you to move towards your goals.

Our brain has its trigger points and it is up to us how to find it and use it to make ourselves move to make our lives better.

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