January 31, 2015


I don't care anymore.
I don't care if I get tired, I don't care if I fail, I don't care if people scrutinized me, I just don't care. I am free. I don't care how many tries I have to try, I will do it just do it, just do it. I don't care about the results, I don't care if my efforts are wasted, I don't care about whose on top, I don't care if I get hurt.

I don't care about hardships, I will never complain. I don't care if I am wrong all I wanna do is keep pushing, keep moving. If I lose so what, I will give my best and leave out all the rest.

Caring so much will make your mind stagnant, stop caring just do what you need to do. 

January 27, 2015


disabled icon

This technique is so great that it can make your life easier while you are trying to pursue your goals. Live your life like a disabled person, not literally absorbing what they are not capable of doing but using their disadvantage as an advantage.

Pretend that you are blind so you cannot see frightening obstacles on your way. You cannot see the hindrances, you cannot see hardships, you cannot see all the possibilities that you might fail. You are blinded by your dreams and all you wanna see is the light of success.

Pretend that you are deaf so you cannot hear all the critics that people say. You cannot hear the bashers that exposes all your mistakes, you cannot hear the haters that hates every progress you make. You cannot hear the harsh words that will make you feel weaker and will break your heart.

Pretend that you are mute so you cannot talk negativity to other people. Talking negativity to other people is a sign of weakness and it only shows that you too is just a spectator and cannot pursue his own dreams. Pretend that you are mute so you cannot talk back to people who say bad things to you, just be quiet and peaceful, it is better that way, being involve in a fight will just slow you down and will keep you away from the right track. It is better to be quiet, just talk when you have your goals already, TALK IS CHEAP.

I dedicate this article to all the disabled person who never treat themselves as disable, they still live as a normal person who fights for their rights, live their dreams, pursue their goals and sometimes they are even stronger to other people who has no disabilities because they do great things that a normal person cannot do. Hats off to Jessica Cox, Nick Vujicic and Oscar Pistorius.

January 26, 2015


If you don't know what is the first step for making your dreams come true just pretend that you have that dream already. If you are dreaming of becoming a good teacher, pretend that you are already one. What are the good teachers doing? they make a lesson plan, they continue learning everyday, they teach people. They do their profession and expecting nothing return. They inspire and make the right guidelines for people around them. Do, it just do some of the activities that the teachers are doing even if you are not a teacher yet and soon you will become the person that you want to become.

If you are dreaming of becoming a great athlete, what does a great athlete do? They train hard even if there is no game, they discipline themselves, they do not party hard or waste their time doing stupid stuffs. They continue getting better everyday, just do their activities and soon you will become like them.

Just do something that are related to your goals, keep improving everyday, pretend that you are already that person and you already have what you want. Sooner or later your pretention will become a reality, I assure you that. The world has a place for people who take their dreams seriously, the universe will never ignore you, all of the efforts that you did will come into fruition.

Image courtesy of Stonn at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

January 23, 2015


Most of us were always trying to look cool infront of others, most of us were always trying to fit in and forget the uniqueness in our personality, we forget the individuality that we must express.

If there is a popular group in high school or in college you also wanted to become close with them. You wanted to join them or be like them even if that group is not treating you right or even if there are no benefits for being close to that group. Sometimes you get abused or sometimes you are taken for granted.

If there is a new gadget you forced your parents to buy it even if you can't afford just to look cool just to tell everyone that you have the latest gadget. The question is are you really rich? or are you just a bitch?

If someone criticized you on what you are doing you will immediately stop it or you will listen to them, you will change your course of action and then get confused what to do next. You even become cautious on your actions, you move with other people's approval and you can't even make a decision for yourself. You will become a puppet that need strings to move. You will become attached, you will become limited, do you want it?

This is what happens if you don't show your true colors, you will do actions which are not based on your values. You will become what you are really not. You will take actions that are against with your true feelings. You will become weak because your power goes to people whom you want to pleased. You don't even know what clothes to wear anymore because you were so  afraid to get criticized. Show your true colors now before it's too late, if they accept you it's cool, if they can't love you what's the BIG DEAL?

January 22, 2015


Just one stick of cigarette can lead to chain smoking. Just one dishonest activity can lead to a broken family. Just one absent can lead to a failure. Just one more hour of late can lead to a termination of job. Just one day of taking your business for granted may lead to a bankruptcy. Just one foul word you release from your mouth may hurt the one you love. Just one stupid ugly comment may lead to a fight. Just one illegal activity may lead to jail.

Just one bad decision can change your life, that is how dangerous negativity is. So when you make a decision, think about the effect that it will give into your life. Don't just do something for the sake of favoring yourself to become lazy, don't do something that will cause some trouble.

Just one more repetition can take you to another level. Just one more hour of work will make you nearer to your goal. Just one more session of jogging will make you healthier than yesterday. Just one more sacrifice will make your life better. Just one more effort will make you closer to winning it all. Just one more, do one more.

Sometimes we feel that there is no more reason to continue because we are so exhausted and we cannot see any hope but don't hope have faith. Our success comes from our last effort so if you cannot succeed yet it only means that you still need more effort, you still need to continue because success wants to see more from you. Success is still requiring you to do something, don't stop because you never know the latest thing that you are doing maybe the last thing that you have to do.

January 21, 2015


If you are working so hard but not getting the results that you want maybe there is something wrong with your process. You are in the right path but you are wearing the wrong shoes.

If you are in the body building field and lifting 1 million tons a day but not getting the muscles that you are dreaming of for a long time there is something wrong with your system. Maybe it is in your diet, maybe it is in the shakes that you drink, you will be the one who will discover it. Change something, change or the results wont change.

If you are a salesman and hasn't sell something for 8 months but you are working like a maniac, again there is something wrong with your system, alter something. Change the way you look, change the way you speak, change your perception but don't change your attitude. If you changed everything you can but still not getting the desired results maybe you are not confident enough. Confidence can be altered too, read some books, do some hypnosis. A confident salesman can sell a used toothbrush in seconds.

If you are in a food industry and your business is not doing well, change something. Change the box of your pizza, make a new promo, add some ampalaya on your spaghetti, think out of the box. Do it just do it, alter something, change the vibration. People are addicted to something new, if they saw something fresh on your business they will try it for sure.

I am not telling you to change everything if what you are doing is not going well. Just alter something, change some small details so the results will be different. A small change can bring bigger results.

January 20, 2015


Not doing a bad habit for at least three days is already a mark of improvement. If you managed not to smoke for at least three days then keep it up. Don't ever look at cigarettes again nor think about it or crave for it, it is hard but if you did it once or twice then you can do it forever. Three days is not a strong foundation for a big change but it is a good start, are you going to waste the three days that you persevere? If you managed not to become a lazy person for just a day then keep the momentum going, never be afraid to get tired and never fall into lousy excuses that is preventing you from being great.

Some people managed to change and they resist to do their bad habits for weeks, months or even years but once they get tempted to do that bad habit again for just once they will immediately fall into that trap again. They will become addict again, they will become lazy again.

Guard yourself, think consciously and not sub consciously. It is hard to escape a bad habit but it is easy to get involved with it again. So if you've already changed a bad habit, are you going to do it again?. Always keep in mind the good things that happened to you the moment you removed that bad habit from your system.

It is easy to get tempted, it is easy to get fooled but remember it is very hard to escape once you've been trapped into that nonsense habit again.

January 19, 2015


Most people want immediate success. When they started something such as opening a new business, coaching a team, making a debut album, making a book etc. they always wanted immediate success.

In few cases success happens on the first try but in most cases it don't. There are times when you have to survive first on what you are doing and then hang on there for a while and then thrive.

If at first you don't succeed what will you do? take another course? make a new goal? make a new career? and then what? if you fail again on the new direction that you take then for sure you will change a direction again. It will happen over and over again until you grow old and didn't accomplish anything in life.

Sometimes when you are not thriving all you have to do is survive. If you are a musician, a book writer or a marketer and you are not making enough money just survive the moment, that is the only thing you have to do.

In times of survival you will learn a lot of things, you will get tougher from the challenges that you surpassed, you will meet a lot of people, you will see more opportunities, you will work even harder and you will become a better person. In times of survival the universe is just preparing you for success. Don't feel miserable if you are in the period of surviving because the longer you survive the greater the success.

January 19, 2015


If you listen to haters telling you that you can't reach your dream, that you aren't good enough even if they are wrong they will become right. If their words got into your head, if you think about it everyday it will weaken your will. It will destroy your determination, the result is you will not work anymore, you will not train anymore because your focus is already on your haters.

Life is not a matter of proving them wrong and proving them that you are right, it is all about doing what is right for your dream. It is all about being in the right frame of mind.

And It doesn't matter if they are right what matters is what you are doing is right, so tell me is listening to them right? Is listening to them the right thing to do if you need motivation? Is listening to them brings you one step closer to your dreams?

Haters will become right if you listen to them because you are entertaining their ideas, you are giving them the power to take away your power. If you listen to them it is like accepting that there is a possibility that they are right.

Stop listening to others especially if they are against your will. Listen only to yourself and to the people who supports you. Put a filter into your ears that will only allow nice words to enter. If you hear ugly words thrown at you pretend that you are deaf and you didn't hear it, have a mindset that no matter how bad they mock you and put you down you will still keep moving towards your dreams.

January 18, 2015


This is one of the biggest problems that our society is facing now, they can't find the enjoyment in life. Regular people just go to their respective jobs everyday, they work for 9 hours a day, go home, sleep and do it again the next day, a lot of them complain at how bad their work is how stressful it is and yet they do not do something about it.

Some people on the other side completely do nothing, they just spend their time doing stupid stuffs such as watching TV, wasting theirselves abusing drugs, dragging people down and making noise by complaining at the social media. They thought what they are doing is useful and happy but in the end they will still feel miserable.

So how can you enjoy life? My advice is find an activity that is positive and what you think will make your status in life better, I don't know what it is but it is your decision.

If working in an office for 9 hours a day will make you enjoy life then why not? nobody can judge your happiness. If playing an instrument the whole day will make you enjoy life then do it, do something as long as it is positive and not affecting anyone's life.

If you really can't find anything to do, DREAM of something and pursue it relentlessly, I am very sure will enjoy the journey, results will not show at the moment but in the long run it will. I don't care whatever dream it is, may it be becoming an actor, a politician, a teacher, a millionaire etc. Dreaming of something will keep you moving and that is the best way to enjoy life...PROGRESSING AND IMPROVING EVERYDAY.

January 17, 2015


What is drama? It is a form of act where someone is making a lot of attention grabbing scenes such as crying, complaining, whining, blaming and self pity.

The main purpose of drama is to gain sympathy from others or to make excuses why your life is miserable.

Drama is usually done by losers because it is their defense mechanism to cover up their failures. They cry, they blame then they whine just to look like a victim infront of people.

I have this so called "RIGHT DRAMA" it is also about crying, it is also about making scenes but what makes it right?

The right drama is you cry because you win, you cry because it is a tears of joy. You cry because you touched someone else's life. You cry because your wait is over, you cry because you've made a righteous sacrifice. That is the right drama, you are crying but is not about complaining or making excuses. You are crying because there is a great thing behind those tears.

January 15, 2015


I want to share you a story about one of the scariest basketball game in my life, this is real today is January 13, 2015 and it happened on January 11, 2015. We had a game vs much younger faster players. We are exactly five players with no substitutions so we are forced to exert more effort  to win the game. The game is close the first half ends with the other team leading by just 3 points.

When the third quarter begins the other team is starting to pull away from the game, they are already leading by 9 pts. I said to myself  "wait, being the leader of this team, I cannot let them just beat us, I must lead and take charge".

My tragedy happens when I chase the ball from the other player, he was about to make a get away layup, he is three steps ahead of me but I know I can stop this guy so I ran so fast to get the ball from him, I slap the ball from him but because of miscalculated speed and forcing the issue too much I accidentally stepped the ball. My knee twists and I fall from the ground.

The moment I hit the floor, I immediately felt the pain that I've never felt before. I told to myself "ohh is this the end of my basketball career?, I hope this wasn't a major injury."

Minutes have passed and I wan't able to stand, I am grimacing in pain and it feels like the pain is forever, the referee told me to relax and it helps me a little bit. Few more minutes and my teammates and the other player from the other team (he was the one that I tried to stop, I don't know his name but he was a classy player) carried me to the bench. My girlfriend was crying, my teammates was worried and hopeless, I felt that I let them down.

The pain that I've felt on my knees was no greater than the pain for seeing my teammates losing, they were only four vs five. I tried to came back on the game for defensive purposes only but I cannot help anyway. I was completely useless and cannot even defend.

We called a timeout and my teammates told me to stop playing because I might hurt myself even more, the injury might get worse. At first I disagree but upon realizing that that's the best thing to do, I sat the whole game until it is over.

I quit yes I quit, I quit on that game but that doesn't mean I quit on my goal. My goal is to win the championship and our standing is still on a striking distance. We still have a chance to make it to the playoffs if we win the remaining games. I am hurt for now but my eyes for the goal is still clear.

Quitting for a moment doesn't mean you quit. Sometimes we need to rest, sometimes we need to take a stop, sometimes we need to heal, sometimes we need to breathe, sometimes we need to go back to the drawing board but that doesn't mean we have to quit on the bigger picture.

Unfortunate incidents happens and we cannot control that, sometimes those are the times that we needed to reevaluate ourselves, sometimes those are the signs that we need to do better. It happens because it is part of the process. Tragedy can either make you or brake you, it is up to you.

Up to now my knees are still hurt but I am still doing  a little bit of drills, drills that doesn't need leg activities such as lifting weights, medicine ball, planking and situps just to keep my mind focus and my body in good shape. I will have an xray test this week and I hope nothing is serious. I quit on that game because for me that is the best thing to do but I will never quit on getting that championship.


January 13, 2015


You are the one who is stopping yourself from achieving something.

If you want to become a hero in basketball, why did you pass the ball? is it your teammate that asks the ball from you who stops you? certainly not. It's still you.

You want to become sexy and beautiful but why did you stop exercising? Who stops you?
You want your body to become healthy but you stop eating healthy foods and you stop doing the right routines, again who is the one who stops you?

You wanted to change your life but you stop dreaming, believing and working, who stops you?

Stop complaining, whining and blaming others or circumstances for not getting the things that you want, it is you who is stopping yourself.

January 12, 2015


Have you ever noticed Barack Obama made a mistake while delivering a speech? I bet not all of his speeches are perfect but people can't notice it because he was so poised, he was so confident and he was so bold, he was very sure of his words and actions that is why people believe in all what he says.

I know a basketball player named Michael Jordan and all of the basketball memories that was remembered about him is winning championships and winning shots, there are no chokes, no failures. I even remember one of his ugly games and he commits a lot of turnovers that night but no one blames him, you know why? because he was so confident, his coach and his teammates trust him so much. His teammates and coach has a lot of confidence in him. They knew that Michael can win them games so they allow him to make mistakes and they do not notice it.

Listen to all of the popular motivational speakers, listen to all of their videos carefully and you will notice that even them makes mistakes too, sometimes they feel shaky too and there were also times where they think about what they are going to say. People do not notice their mistakes because they were so confident, they have credentials that all of their words are real, they were so bold and they knew that even if they make mistakes they can correct it fast. I also don't even know if they consider their mistakes a mistake, it comes to a point where they feel invincible and no matter how many mistakes they commit they can still nail it.

This is one of the advantages of what confidence can give you, you will look so natural, all of the people will believe you, all of them will allow you to make mistakes because they knew that no matter what you know what you are doing.

January 10, 2015


A lot of people nowadays are turning into professional advisers, good samaritan, role models, perfect human being, "has been there, done that" type of person. The question is..are they really doing what are they preaching? are they really committed to their words?

Or is it  because they just want to look good in front of other people that are listening to them or following them on social media?

Have you noticed that if you are about to do something or you are starting a goal there will always be people who knows better than you? They will act as if they know everything and will treat you like a novice. They will give stupid advises, nonsense ideas that will not help you. The worse thing is if you didn't listen to them they will think of you as an arrogant person. But if you will look closely to their lives, if you will check their background you will see that they didn't accomplished anything big yet, they don't even have goals to pursue on their own,

Practice what you preach, make advises if you are really a credible person or you can back your words. Stop boasting, stop showing off, stop being a person that you are not. If you really want to give an advise make sure you can do better to that person whom you are giving an advise. Make sure you have achievements, make sure you already did what he wants to do.

Never preach what you can't do because at the end of the day people will know if you really can do what you are boasting.

January 03, 2015


If you are about to do something and you are worrying because you have no resources or don't know how to start don't worry. The magic of momentum will create opportunities.

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to drink and you have no money? Then you will call your bestfriend who has a few bucks in his pocket and both of you will start drinking a few bottles and then when your drinks is about to vanished you will invite some friends to save you from running out of drinks. If no one shows up both of you will find a way, either you borrow some money from different people you know or you use your credit card to grab a bottle of vodka from a grocery store. There is no such thing as stopping because both of you already established a momentum that you guys wanted to get drank.

Just like in starting a business, you don't know what will happen at first you get scary but you will still try, if things get rough you ask for a help then someone will help you, then things will get rough again but you will still try and try to save your business because you wanted to succeed. If storm has already passed by and things are getting better your business starts to grow and grow until it becomes big.

Believe in momentum, when you start something you are sure to succeed if you persevere, things will go bad but if you already set your mind that you will succeed no matter what happens you will surely succeed.Things will go rough but if you keep on moving and finding a way the momentum will never die. Opportunities will come, chances will come, help will come, just keep on moving and things will get better.

January 02, 2015


If you can eat hundreds of mosquitoes and be part of the Guinness World Records then do it. If you can drink 100 gallons of water a day do it too. If you are not afraid to do 100 mistakes a day be proud of it. If you can play drums using homemade boxes or pails, show it to the people.

Find something that you are the only one that can do it, find an activity that you are the best in it. If you possesses something unique then you separate yourself from others, you become more confident, you celebrate your individuality.

A lot of people do something because it is what most people do, they do not dare to find something that they can be the best or the only person that can do it. Be that guy who can show something that the world hasn't seen yet.

Be that person who reads a book blindfolded, be that person who drinks salty milk, be that guy who can sleep standing, be that guy who cooks violet sauce for pasta. For as long as you love what you are doing don't be afraid to do it, don't be afraid to show it to the world.

Don't do something unique for the sake of just trying to be cool or popular, do it because you love to do it and you know you can be the best in it. Being unique is far different from just trying to get attention. Being unique doesn't need attention or approval, it is being shown naturally, boldly and without resistance from your inner being.

January 02, 2015


Are you lacking in motivation? Do you find it hard to start when there is a large task ahead of you? I know what is the solution for that: FIND A FIRESTARTER!

What I mean by firestarter is find what triggers you to move, may it be a thought, a dream, inspiration or an enemy, find what it is that will make you immediately raise your butt and work.

When you feel bored in your life and feeling worthless, look for a goal and pursue it relentlessly. In that way you will feel challenged, in that way you will feel that your life has a meaning and it has a purpose. It doesn't matter if your goal is big or small, what matters is your pursue it without excuses. In that way you will move everyday and you will get excited to take immediate actions.

If you feel sleepy at work and coffee is not stimulating your body anymore, find a thought that will wake you up. When I was still working at a company, I always feel sleepy and it really affects my work, I am becoming unproductive and useless to our team. Things have changed the day I received a MEMO, it tells that I might get suspended without pay if I continue doing my lazy habits. I began to feel alert after receiving it because I am worried about losing my job so everytime I feel sleepy I always think of the MEMO and my senses came back to life so fast.

If you feel uninspired, look for images on the web, look for subjects that you love and will make your feel good, look for images that has a spark on you, something that looks very attractive on you, use those images as inspiration for you to move towards your goals.

Our brain has its trigger points and it is up to us how to find it and use it to make ourselves move to make our lives better.

January 01, 2015


You are in pain because people mock you because your belly is too fat, the cure for that is also pain - exercise and situps.

You are in pain mentally because you can't do something you wish to do for a long time, the cure for that again is pain - endure the pain of starting, it is difficult to start and really painful but pain will go away once you started and gain a great momentum.

A bully beats you and you suffer a lot of pain, the cure for that is pain too. Give the pain back to him or endure the pain of becoming strong so the bully won't hurt you again.

Your suffering poverty and it is really painful to see your family suffering, cure it with pain - work hard, endure the pain of embracing hardships to make your life better.

Pain is just a feeling and you can cure pain with pain. Pain can strengthen you or make you weak, what is your choice?

January 01, 2015


You are weak right now and you want to excel in your chosen sport, what is the lifestyle of a strong athlete? Is he training hard? Is he eating a lot of food? Is he lazy or is he making a lot of sacrifices? Live that lifestyle, do it everyday consistently and success will manifest. You will become that person in a just a few weeks or months because you are adopting his attitude, his mindset and his perception in life.

How does a rich man think? What are his habits? do what he does and you will become like him in just few months or years.

It is not about copying someone's path, it is about living the lifestyle of successful people so you will become successful too. You need to adopt a behavior that successful people have, you have to tune in to their lifestyle so you will have similar results. If you want greater results then exceed their efforts.

If you live the lifestyle of the person you wanted to be then you are already that person because you will produce the same results as him. It doesn't matter if you are not in the same level as he is, eventually you will rich his level because you are tune in to his pacing, his frequency, behavior and

If you wanted to become rich then live the lifestyle of a rich person, I bet he is working 24 hours a day so if that is the consequence of becoming rich you have to live it.

If you wanted to become an elite athlete do what an elite athlete do so you will become elite someday, if you don't do it then you will end up being a mediocre athlete.

Your habit does't necessarily have to be 100% exact as the person you wanted to be such as the way they dress, the way they love, they way they eat. All you have to do is do the thing that made them successful, Study their path, study their methods. You don't need to imitate you'll just have to align with them.