January 01, 2015


You are weak right now and you want to excel in your chosen sport, what is the lifestyle of a strong athlete? Is he training hard? Is he eating a lot of food? Is he lazy or is he making a lot of sacrifices? Live that lifestyle, do it everyday consistently and success will manifest. You will become that person in a just a few weeks or months because you are adopting his attitude, his mindset and his perception in life.

How does a rich man think? What are his habits? do what he does and you will become like him in just few months or years.

It is not about copying someone's path, it is about living the lifestyle of successful people so you will become successful too. You need to adopt a behavior that successful people have, you have to tune in to their lifestyle so you will have similar results. If you want greater results then exceed their efforts.

If you live the lifestyle of the person you wanted to be then you are already that person because you will produce the same results as him. It doesn't matter if you are not in the same level as he is, eventually you will rich his level because you are tune in to his pacing, his frequency, behavior and

If you wanted to become rich then live the lifestyle of a rich person, I bet he is working 24 hours a day so if that is the consequence of becoming rich you have to live it.

If you wanted to become an elite athlete do what an elite athlete do so you will become elite someday, if you don't do it then you will end up being a mediocre athlete.

Your habit does't necessarily have to be 100% exact as the person you wanted to be such as the way they dress, the way they love, they way they eat. All you have to do is do the thing that made them successful, Study their path, study their methods. You don't need to imitate you'll just have to align with them.

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