December 31, 2014


Memorizing the birth date of your celebrity idols, historical people, former presidents, sports legends will not make your life better neither memorizing the whole encyclopedia. You can only show off to your friends that you know a lot or your memory is sharp but in reality how in the world will those dates improve your situation in life?

Absorb only the information that will improve your life such as: how to make money, how to keep your body healthy, how to keep your relationship better, how to become efficient and any other things that are useful and has sense.

Is the birthdate of Michael Jordan going to be asked on a job interview? Is knowing the latest model of Nike shoes gonna help you pay your bills? Is knowing the different parts of the engine of a Ferrari gonna solve your problem? I am not saying that knowing those things are bad but my point here is you don't need to memorize all the details of stupid stuffs that ain't gonna help you improve your life.

If you are going to absorb information make sure you put something healthy to your brain and to your life, avoid absorbing information such as gossips, stupid gadgets that will make your debt bigger, disaster news, dates that doesn't matter etc. Always filter your mind, accept only the information that are worth remembering and not the information that will just make you look cool and smart.

December 30, 2014


Most of us were trap in the past and wants to change it, the reality is we cannot change it anymore. We can change our lives in the present but not in the past.

If you hurt someone, you apologize but if the person you hurt doesn't want to accept your apology you feel guilty. You think of it everyday and you feel bad about yourself. Never apologize multiple times, if you say sorry once or twice don't say sorry again. Let the time heal the wounds of the past. The person who gets hurt might still be in pain so he cannot accept the apology right away. Give time, give space and soon the person who gets hurt will realize that he must forgive you.

If you did a terrible mistake from the past, you will tell to yourself that you will try harder the next time, you will double your effort. Stop doing it, just do your best at the present moment and don't be hard to yourself too much, if you think that you need to double your effort because you did not do well from the past then the burden that you are carrying will be so heavy, the result is you get overwhelmed and then you will find out lately that you cannot do it and then what? you get frustrated again. Just forget the mistakes from the past, may it be about laziness, being irresponsible or whatever terrible decisions that you make. Just move on and do your best.

If you miss an opportunity from the past, if you let someone or something get away, if you take something for granted forget them all. I know that sometimes you want to buy a time machine and go back there, common stop wasting your energy for the things that you cannot change, be happy because you are still living with the present moment and that is all what you have, the present is the only thing that can make you happy and the only thing that can make you forget your past.

December 29, 2014


The main goal of fear is to stop you from doing what you need to do or to stop you from doing what you love to do, as simple as that... so if you can do what you need to do or love to do then you are showing no mercy to your fear. Fear's job is very is to stop you from moving so if you can move despite of your fears then you are already a strong person. The difference between a successful person and a failure is a successful person move despite of feeling fearful, he moves despite of feeling shaky, he focuses on his goals and lately his fear will disappear. Fear is just an emotion, it is not real, it only becomes real when you are focus to it and you add thoughts to it.

You are the one who makes your fear grow, not any other person neither any other circumstances. You are the one who nourishes it and make it big so if you are the one who can make it strong you are also the one who can kill it or make it weak.

Fear becomes bigger if you are focused on the external elements of your life and what are these external elements that I am talking about? These are peer pressure, critics, results, unexpected change of events, rejection, mistakes, feedbacks. setbacks and any other things that you think as negative. The only way to make your fear weak is to move forward despite of feeling it. Fake your feelings - feel positive even though you are feeling negative. Always make a little progress and suddenly you will get a momentum that will keep you moving despite of feeling fear.

Show no mercy to your fear, move despite of feeling it, mock your fears, do what you fear the most and look fear into his eyes straightly and boldly and tell these words "I can move with or without you, either I feel you or don't I am still winning because I am moving".

December 28, 2014

It's Just Pain...

It's just pain it can't kill you, don't be afraid to move, don't be afraid to go hard, don't be afraid to express your feelings, don't be afraid to get tired, your body will regenerate later and you will be strong again.

If you got rejected, if you got embarrassed, if you fail so what? Pain is just a feeling, pain will never stay forever.

On the other side of pain there is glory and there is success so if you are in pain right now don't be ashamed of it, don't curse it, be proud of it because it will make you strong, it will bring you to another level.

Pain is just a feeling, it is nothing but a feeling, forget about how you feel and stick to what you wanted to achieve.

December 27, 2014

You Can Survive Anything If You Will Just Live With The Moment

A lot of us worries about the future, worries about problems but if you will think of it despite of countless problems you have you are still alive. Humans can survive anything except death so if you are still alive there is nothing to worry about. You worried so much about your electric bill but if the service got disconnected you can find a way how to reconnect it. You worried so much about what the people say but you don't think that the issues you have right now will be forgotten the next day or week. You worried so much about making mistakes but the reality is everyone of us is not perfect. Never anticipate bad things to happen, just focus on the moment and feel alive. Never worry about the problems that may arise because you can survive anything for as long as you keep your spirit alive. Just be happy about your situation and focus on the good things to come, make any small moves that can improve your situation, keep your self busy so that worrying cannot occupy your mind.

If you are in great debt just stop borrowing money and look for opportunities that can lessen your debt, as simple as that, if you cannot find opportunities then create an opportunity. Sell some useless things that you have, look for simple jobs that you can do, offer services to people that can make their life easier, there are thousands of opportunities, stop making excuses.

If you are sick then again stop worrying, you can survive sickness if you are not stressed and if you have a positive energy. Stop focusing on pain instead focus on how to replace the pain or how to lessen the pain. Spend time with people you love, watch funny movies, eat healthy foods. Look for solutions to cure your disease, as simple as that. Making solutions is far better than worrying about the problem.

If you are emotionally hurt, you can also survive it. Just take your time, stop rushing things, you cannot forget the person who hurt you easily and that is normal. Just endure the pain, cry if you need to and spend your time with people who love you and really care for you, just wait and the pain will go away little by little.

We can survive anything no matter how big that problem is. The key is to embrace the moment, live with the moment and stay positive no matter how negative you feel.